Should Linehan Get the Boot?

This issue has been brought up many times, and to be honest I haven’t addressed it on this blog because I don’t think it means anything. There have been a lot of rumors going around about the future of Scott Linehan. Will he get fired because the way the Rams have played? I don’t see any reason why the Rams should let him go. The team is playing badly because of injuries and there is a small lack of talent. The main reason is the injuries. It’s not the playcalling, and its not the way Linehan treats his players. It’s the injuries.

Today, Rams president John Shaw refuted the rumor that Linehan would be fired during the team’s bye week.

“That’s a ridiculous report,” Shaw said. “There will be no coaching changes during the bye week.

Now, in the past, I’ve come to learn that some things that people say aren’t true. For example, the whole Nick Saban situation. When Shaw says that there will be no coaching changes during the bye week, to me, that means exactly what is in the quotes. It doesn’t mean that Scott Linehan won’t be fired at some point during the season. It just means that he won’t be fired during the bye week. I think it would be the wrong move to fire him at all because he’s only in his second year and this is first head coaching job. Plus, I don’t even think he is much to blame for the way the team is playing. He does call the offensive plays and yes, I have to admit I was rather displeases with some of the decisions he made this weekend when the team was backed up in it’s own territory (my philosophy would be to pass, he ran the ball too much).

Bottom line, you have to give this guy a chance. It’s hard to steer a ship that’s sinking.

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