Super Bowl Tickets Hit $1000

The NFL announced Thursday that the official price of 2009 Super Bowl tickets will reach $1,000 face value for the first time. I have heard of inflation but this is getting ridiculous. A whopping 25% of Super Bowl XLIII tickets at Raymond James Stadium will cost $1000 face value but good luck being able to buy them at face value. There are currently over 1000 tickets available on StubHub, and they start off at over $2000 a piece. The NFL reports for last year’s game, the average price of tickets on StubHub, the online reseller, was $4,300, so the current starting price of around $2000 is a bargain! The league is pricing the average fan out of the Super Bowl as well as most of the regular games. When will this end? What are your thoughts? Per the NFL, ticket prices for the first Super Bowl, played at the Los Angeles Coliseum 43 years ago, were $6, $10 and $12. So the most expensive tickets in 1966 were $12 and they are now $1000, they are now 83 times more expensive!

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