Rams Have One More Shot To Win Another...

Following a close loss to the Texans and an ugly loss to the Cardinals, the Rams have one last shot to win one this sunday against the 49ers. All those who have been cheering for losses in order to get the first overall pick, well we already have that locked up so no need to worry folks. Tampa has suddenly been stringing together wins, therefore the Rams will have the 2010 first overall pick (unless they do the smart thing and trade it for several other picks).

Breakdown of the game coming soon. Holidays had me busy, sorry for the lack of posts.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

  • saxoman

    This years team will go down as one of the NFL’s all-time worst teams. I’ve been a Ram’s fan since the days of the Fearsome Foursome and the current state of affairs in the organization is totally pathetic and unacceptable. The league should step in and force these Rosenbloom children to sell the team because clearly they’re just in it for the money and don’t care about what it takes to field a quality team.
    Trade the number one draft pick and try to build this team into something other than a league laughing stock. Unfortunately Devaney has shown he isn’t the man who’s capable of managing anything and the Spagster hasn’t shown he has what it takes to be an NFL head coach!