No SJ39 At Workouts

We have spent some time talking about all the good things that have been happening with the player-led workouts this week, but one name we haven’t mentioned is Steven Jackson. We haven’t mentioned SJ39 because he was not in attendance. I found it a little surprising that 35 guys showed up and Jackson wasn’t one of them, but I’m not too concerned. Jackson is a veteran who keeps himself in shape and who won’t need much time to learn the new offense, so I don’t think there was much to be gained from a football standpoint. I would have liked to see him there as a leader on this team, but once again I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. SJ leads by example on the field, and he obviously has earned the respect of his teammates during his time with the organization. Would I have preferred for him to be here this week? Sure. Do I think it’s a big deal that he wasn’t? Not at all.

As far as the rest of the guys go, I think it was a good week of workouts from what I have heard. It sounds like the rookies got some much-needed work in, and Bradford did a nice job running the show. The receivers and tight ends were probably the biggest group that needed these workouts, and they were all there, aside from Mardy Gilyard, the guy who probably needed to be there the

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