Tuesday's Free Agency Start

So according to a Drew Brees email, free agency can begin as soon as Tuesday, July 26.  This is good news to us Rams fans because now we get to see if the brass shores up the weaknesses.


Of all the holes to plug up, RG will be one of the biggest.  A team to keep an eye on is Atlanta, since it has three linemen due for free agency – two of them being guards.  Harvey Dahl and Justin Blalock are both starters for the Falcons. I doubt the “dirty birds” can keep both guards – did you guys like my Ludacris reference???


Getting a bulky, mauler guard – like Blalock – would help immensely in the running game, making the back up running back less of a priority.   And lets not forget, there is plenty of UDFAs that are small, fast Darren Sproles-type backs.


This whole lockout ordeal seems like it is coming to an end.  Time to get my Sunday NFL Ticket so I can watch all my Rams games!

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