Faulk Reps St. Louis And The Rams At HOF

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“This is pretty special,” Faulk said. “This is big. This right here, these guys, class acts, and I’m glad to be part of it. I want to thank God, and I want to thank God because this is football heaven. Now to be actually standing before you with this class of athletes, it is a fulfillment of a life’s dream,” Faulk said. “This story is deep. I’m from the Ninth Ward, that’s the Desire Projects in New Orleans, Louisiana. Many don’t make it out of there. And, even though there was drugs and violence, I never wanted to take drugs or die young. Instead, I channeled ever ounce of energy I had into sports.”

“It was so much fun playing with a group of men who didn’t care who won the most accolades,” Faulk said. “We just wanted to win. I will give anything right now to be in the huddle, one minute, 80 yards, down by six with the Greatest Show on Turf. That’s when we were at our best with our backs against the wall.”

“My first piece of advice, live life. Don’t let life live you,” he said. “Next, my father told me this, if you ever travel down a road with no speed bumps, you are headed for a dead end. Life’s a challenge. I am always told how blessed I am to be talented enough to have played football. I say, we’re all blessed. God loves every one on this earth, but what we do with it is the blessing. It’s in our hands to put that blessing in motion. In leaving, true to life, as it is to me, God gave me talent, football gave me an opportunity. I made the commitment.”

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