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The Rams must hit on their draft picks period.  The days of drafting an Adam Carriker over a Patrick Willis or Joe Staley need to be over.  Year in and year out the Rams miss on the obvious and draft a what the heck pick.   Like in 2005′s NFL draft the Rams selected T Alex Barron in the first instead of G Logan Mankins, in the second round the Rams selected DB Ronald Bartell Jr. really, seriously?  Instead they could have drafted DB Bryant McFadden.  These types of decisions have to go away.  This year their are two clear choices. obvious choices, guys who are a can’t miss that the Rams could select.  DB Dre Kirkpatrick and LB Courtney Upshaw.

The Rams need help everywhere and if they want Sam Bradford to survive his career they need to address OL through free-agency.  If they draft another T they can pack in this season, the learning curve is to high besides the best OL in the draft is the G from Stanford, so why use the number two pick on the second best linemen, or draft a guard which is a key position in the running game, and with teams like San Francisco who love to rush up the gut and pressure a pocket guy like Sam, is a risk to high of a risk in fact.  You can get a G in free-agency like a aforementioned Logan Mankins, or even a WR like Jackson.  The Rams have to upgrade there defense if they are going to win games in this wanna be arena football league the NFL is forming.  Hey Rodger leave the rules alone we loved the game the way it was you are ruining the NFL STOP WITH THE RULES!  How about you focus on your terrible no talent officials for five minutes, can we try that for once.

I digress, the Rams have serious holes to fill and the OL is only a part of it.  For those of you who want an offensive linemen ask your self this question.  Are the rookies better than the free-agents we could get?  If the answer is no focus on defense. Look at the champions this year the New York Giants. They did it with a great defense, Pittsburgh has made it to three Super Bowls in the last seven years and what did they get there with, defense.  Lombardi once said “Defense wins championships, offense wins fans, and I in the business to win championships,” it’s about time the Rams forget about fans and go win championships.

Rams fan since 1983,


Anthony Manna

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