The Colts best player was their TB back in the 78 season

Compensation anyone?

Let me start off by saying the NFL media needs to shut up! The NFL is not politically correct nor should it ever be. Since 1920 bounties have been a part of the game. Chuck Bednericks hit on Frank Gifford in 1960. The Bears of the 40’s, the Packers of the 60’s, the Cowboys, Steelers, and Raiders of the 70’s are just a few to mention. Let us not forget the 85’ Bears bragging about putting nine QB’s out in the 85’ season. It was their battle cry. Finally anyone remember the Buccaneers game plan for the Rams in 99’ hit them hard hit them often, and hurt them if you can.

So now we come to present day and Greg Williams. All of sudden it is unacceptable what he did, really? Seriously!? I also love how it is a big deal now that he is a Ram just more evidence of the leagues hatred for our beloved Rams. First off I watched that Super Bowl season and the two seasons after that, New Orleans had with great interest.  At no point did I think they were dirty or malice. I saw an aggressive defense which caused turnovers and created havoc.

Once again a great defense is under fire, we changed the rules after the 2003 Patriots won, and we changed the rule after the 2008 Steelers won. What is the new NFL rule going to be you can’t tackle the opposing team hard? This is a disgrace, and not what the fans want so the NFL media needs to shut its pie hole and stop forcing the NFL to be politically correct. As a fan I have already stopped watching the NFL network, and ESPN, as of yesterday I canceled my NFL Sunday Ticket. For the better part of the last two years I started watching games on mute because the analyst are pathetic and show blatant favoritism toward certain teams.

Finally it brings me to the Rams, St. Louis signed Greg Williams, a great hire. New Orleans knew of this yet said nothing. They had every intention of keeping Greg Williams prior to the Rams signing him away, and it is at that time the story gets out, really? Now the league is talking about suspending Williams for eight games, bye, bye 2012 season. I also love how the NFL offers no compensation to the Rams at all, no draft picks, no money, nothing. Yet we should not be surprised we were not even offered an asterisk next to Super Bowl XXXVI. In fact we were not offered money or picks even then. I hope the Rams use this situation as a motivating factor and realize that it’s us versus them and use it in everything they do much like the Raiders of the 70’s and 80’s. It won them three Super Bowls and led them to fourteen playoff appearances in 20 seasons I’d say it works.

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