Greatest Regular Season QB of All Time

Congratulations John Elway you got the second best Manning available. You got the greatest regular season QB in NFL history. You also have an immobile, often rattled when pressured, and a guy who has no problem throwing his team mates under the bus. Does anyone find it coincidental that Reggie Wayne stayed in Indy, or how about that while he was a Colt they could not bring in the best free-agents in year in and year out? Must have just been Reggies’ preference to stay a Colt. It also must have been upper management’s inability to bring in those free-agents. Yet we all know Tony Dungy, Caldwell, and the Bill Pollien were pawns to Peyton Manning. Heaven forbid the NFL flips any blame on the Messiah they claim Peyton to be.

Here is the reality of Peyton Manning his record speaks for its self. 9-14 in the post season has been the number one seed only twice in his career, he has been one and done seven times SEVEN! The three post season moments that stands out in my mind was the off season of 2002 after losing to the Jets 41-0 mind you. He proceeded to call his kicker a drunk and an idiot live on T.V. way to back up your teammate’s great guy total stand up man. Then in 2005 he threw his offensive line under the bus during a post game interview putting all of the blame on them not his pathetic performance of two interceptions and one costly fumble. His 19 or 21 INT’s seems the stat folks forgot about his two picks in the 05’ Divisional playoff round. Either way he has managed only three AFC Championship game appearances with the “Best team in football” according to all the idiots on NFL network. I love how with all his weapons that he has had over the years he has managed just 22.33 points per game. Any Offensive Coordinator will tell you your goal is a minimum of 24 points per game. Finally how many post season game winning touchdowns has Peyton thrown? That’s right zero, when the game is on the line in the playoffs the last person you want on your team is Peyton Manning. Want proof watch Tracey Porter pick six Peyton on his attempt to lead Indianapolis on a crucial game tying (forget game winning) drive in Super Bowl XLIV

So despite all this common knowledge Elway goes with Peyton that’s the kind of decision making that cost you a 55-10 thumping in a Super Bowl…..oh that’s right sorry John. Only in the NFL does it make sense to replace a guy who wins and is only 24, and just coming into his own, with a 35 year old broken neck, broken down career playoff choke artist. That sounds smart to me.

Tim Tebow saved a pathetic team from a top three pick and turned it into a winner. I know this is a hard concept for the NFL, but how about you COACH THE KID UP!!!!!! With a tad bit of coaching Tebow I hate to say could be dangerous. Why it is everyone is so willing to adjust their game to Peyton, Vince Young (that was a huge success), Kurt Warner, or Dog Killer Vick, but not Tim Tebow? That’s novel idea isn’t it? First off with a solid possession WR, and a deep threat, coupled with a strong run blocking O-Line, and an average to good RB you could gear an offense the NFL would have no clue how to stop why? Because you would be physical on offense, and defense that wares down a D. It takes its toll and is impervious to weather conditions. Oh, but that means you won’t have a 4,000 yard passer so you won’t be able to win. Under this system Tim would throw for a very respectable 2,500 yards minimum, and you would limit his mistakes. Hey what do I know I have only been an Offensive Coordinator for 6 years, a Defensive Coordinator for one year and a coach for a total of 10 years?

My predictions for Denver this year, well let’s see no one to throw two a broken down running back coupled with a broken down quarterback, a sorry offensive line that will force an immobile quarterback to scramble for his life, but an outstanding defense. If Tebow is given a shot in New York, and Peyton stays healthy, 6-10 7-9 at best. If Peyton gets hurt, this is a strong possibility and with Tebow being traded 2-14, 4-12 at best. Great plan in Denver let’s get worse. Not better nice job as a person who loves Karma I can only hope Tebow leads the Jets to the playoffs and or beyond while Denver finishes mediocre, or worse. Hers is a list of guys who failed miserably after leaving their respective franchises that they had success in Johnny Unitis (Colts to the Chargers), Kenny Stabler (Raiders, to the Saints), Drew Bledsoe (Patriots to the Bills, and Cowboys), Peyton Manning (Colts, to the Broncos)? Only time will tell.

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