The Rams had seemingly 114 different scenarios that would have made this team better, and the future look bright. Of all the situations none appeared to be wrong. Yet amazingly our GM, Head Coach, and Owner found a way to not just mess up the draft, but royally screw it up. With the sixth pick we could have drafted Claiborne, Floyd, DeCastro, Kirkpatrick, Upshaw, Bradshaw, or even Barron or Riley Reiff. Instead we get the third or fourth best DT on the board, a guy who had 2 tackles in two games against Alabama who put exactly zero OL in the draft this year. This was such a tremendously wasted pick. He will do nothing this year and beyond.

Moving on to Round two we had three opportunities here we could have at 33 drafted Upshaw, Schwartz, Jeffery, or Randle. Instead we draft B. Quick which is fitting because his NFL career is going to B. Quick. Now we finally at 39 draft a DB a guy who spends more time in prison then on the practice field, and a guy we could have drafted in the fifth or sixth round. Missing out on Mike Adams (Both Decastro and Adams went to the Steelers). So we move to 45. Finally the Rams hit, but at no surprise it’s a RB a position we always draft well. Pead is a stud and we need depth behind Jackson.

Now in Round three and four we missed yet again and hit, we draft Johnson Rather than Crawford from Boise St. giving us two subpar DB’s to aid in our team of practice squad losers. Round four we positively nailed with Givens this was a big time pick, he will start and be in the running for rookie of the year that was great pick.

Round five we get an average OL men average at best we could have drafted so many more talented guys yet we wait to get a guy who will probably see the field if the back-ups back-up gets injured he cannot pass protect against speed rushers and that is what he will see every Sunday, speed rushers.  Round six a kicker really? Seriously? I mean REALY!!!!!!!? So we miss out on getting a quality back-up behind as I said he will be when we wasted our first overall pick on, Sam ouch I am injured yet again Bradford. We could have drafted Kellen Moore from Boise St. Yes Kellen Moore he has the same arm strength as Bradford and more velocity because he is not dealing with a reconstructive shoulder. Oh and by the way Kelln Moore is a more accurate passer.

Finally our nightmare ended in round seven with a pick like Brown the LB from Hawaii, not Dennard of Nebraska mind you, no we get Brown, and then with our final pick we select Richardson a good depth guy but, literally the last RB available with any measure of talent it was not needed considering we got Pead already earlier on. This is where we could drafted our kicker.

I give the Rams an F- on the draft we had so many needs and filled it with questionable talent. Couple that with where they were in the draft and who they could have selected them dropped the ball something terrible. Hopefully we can accidently win at least one game this year. If you pick the Rams to do any better than 3-13 you are a homer my predication 1-15, 2-14 at best. Although 0-16 is very possible, if Fisher goes 4-12 this year he should win coach of the year. The sad reality is Snead, and Fisher will be paid either way and probably be kept regardless of the season they put up this year. So they have no care of winning want proof look at our draft. Welcome to the 2013 NFL draft the St. Louis Rams are now on the clock.



A Rams fan since 1984,


Anthony Manna

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