Oct 14 2012; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long (91) on the sideline late in the fourth quarter in a game against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-US PRESSWIRE

Quick Thoughts On St. Louis Rams Loss To Miami Dolphins

Frustration and rage were the only emotions on my mind for most of yesterday, watching the offense and defense firing on all cylinders, and yet, still seeing a mark in the loss column. This morning, reflecting back on the game, there were some definite positives to the game, as well as some negatives. Here are Ramblin’ Fan’s quick thoughts about yesterday.

1. The loss of Amendola is not the end of the world. Gibson, Givens, and Kendricks all stepped up to fill the void with 14 receptions for 216 yards.

2. The Miami wind must have been crazy if Zuerlein missed three field goals. At halftime, one of the on field analyst was asked why the teams were not throwing deep. They said simply said, “The wind!”

3. People should look at strength of schedule before claiming someone is the best “rush defense” in the NFL. Jackson and Richardson did not seem to have any problems.

4. Speaking of, we may have finally found a nice balance between the two backs. The running backs were extremely effective in the run game and in setting up the play action.

5. Sam Bradford is still holding the ball for too long…

6. Ryan Tannehill was not that impressive throwing the ball, but did what he had to do to win the game. However, he can’t rely on screen passes to win games in the future against the NFC West and that does not scream “progressing” to me.

7. St. Louis’ rushing defense looked a lot better, allowing 18 carries for only 19 yards, no touchdowns.

8. Janoris Jenkins looked like a rookie for the first time yesterday. He cannot get caught staring in the backfield like that.

9. Our pass rush got beat by a solid screen game and quick shovel passes.

10. Brit Miller is the Special Teams Captain, he should know better than to pick up that ball…

11. Craig Dahl was lighting people on defense, getting in people’s faces after the play was over, and intimidating wide receivers. We need that Craig Dahl to show up every week.

12. Coach Fisher did a nice job challenging the near-touchdown by Brian Quick. It was a big play, and stopped the clock either way.

13. Poor clock management on the final drive, should have used the second timeout a lot quicker and given up on the routes in the middle of the field. You absolutely cannot take a sack like that at the end of the game either.

14. However, Bradford had to eat it on that play. No place to throw the ball, no place to run. Throwing the ball away would have been a larger loss of yards and a loss of downs on an intentional grounding call, smart by Bradford.

15. 66 yard field goal attempt showed confidence in Zuerlein, and was the right call at the end of the game. It had the distance, but the wind seemed to push it left, just like the other misses. Likely would have hit that in a dome.

16. Still cannot find ways to win on the road, luckily the Rams take on the Packers at home next week before flying to London.

17. New England has to hate the NFC West…


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  • steve

    #6 is a ridiculous assessment Tannehill is absolutely improving especially coming from only 19 starts in college and playing wide receiver….sounds like sour grapes

    • ExplainWhy?

      Nothing against the performance! He ran the plays, puts points on the board, and let his playmakers do the work.

      But, going 25% on third down, having 75+ of his 185 passing yards after the catch, and throwing screen plays and shovel passes do not show much more of a progression than his performances in the past. He did have the deep bomb to Moore, but anyone should be able to complete that pass when the cornerback is caught looking and no one helps in coverage over the top.

      He was only able to put together one solid drive (which was impressive), but had Brit not fumbled right before half, and the typically-automatic Greg Zuerlein not missed 3 field goals, it would have been a different story…

      Again, he played well enough to win the game and their team took advantage of the missed field goals, fumbles, and penalties on the Rams.

    • #6gofyourself

      wasn’t it quick observations… not assessments… go to your own fan page and b****

  • Bill

    You lost. And will continue to lose. Live with it.

    • Wow

      You lost.. to the Jets… enough said

      • LOL

        and you lost to the Phins, now enough has been said.

        • LOLOL

          You right losing to the Dolphins is pretty bad. We will be OK with our loss to the Bears and Lions. The Jets? Cardinals? Live with that hahahaha

          • Shadowplay

            Oh come on. We’re both 3-3 teams. Completely average. But be careful what you say — you still have to play both the Jets and Cardinals (again). You surely better win those or the joke’s on you!

          • LOL

            Yup it is pretty bad since apparently your team is light years ahead of ours right?

  • Jay

    “Ryan Tannehill was not that impressive throwing the ball, but did what
    he had to do to win the game. However, he can’t rely on screen passes to
    win games in the future against the NFC West and that does not scream
    “progressing” to me.”
    Just like the Rams had to adjust to Miami’s D, Miami had to adjust to the Rams’ D. That means little deep passes with Finnegan and Jenkins on the outside and the screen game which you guys are vulnerable to. Had to take what was there.

    “People should look at strength of schedule before claiming someone is
    the best “rush defense” in the NFL. Jackson and Richardson did not seem
    to have any problems.”
    Strength of schedule has nothing to do with it. That was the first bad game by the run defense in some time. The Rams game-planned pretty well by calling outside runs which the defense is vulnerable to. Either the Rams’ offensive line was blocking for their lives or the Dolphins’ D-Line had an off day.

    • NoArgumentsHere

      Not knocking Tannehill for running the plays that were called by the OC, but he did not dominate through the air by any means. He did take what was given and ran the plays, but the 21 of 29 passing and 112.0 is extremely misleading.

      You had previously played against the 32nd, 30th, and 29th ranked rush offenses. Against the one solid running back, Arian Foster, you allowed 79 yards rushing and two touchdowns.

  • nitrogen311

    Wasnt the Rams QB the man coming out of college. Stick to what your good at…. losing. lol rams are a joke

  • D

    From your other mindless post, “The “top ranked” Miami rushing defense got destroyed by Daryl Richardson and Steven Jackson, starting off with a 44 yard rush that set the Rams up with the first points of the game. “ Destroyed? Jackson, Richardson and the entire unknown receiving corps can rack up as many yards as they want between the 20′s … how many times did they score? Let me help with that, zero. And let’s not be confused about Richardson’s yards. The biggest chunk of yards came on 1 play for 44 yards and he only gained 32 yards after that. And for the record, the play that netted the 44 yards did not work the rest of the game. I would not get too happy about the passing yards though, Miami is not known for their secondary. Perhaps Bradford is the one who is not progressing. By the way, I thought the Rams defense was supposed to be good. If so, then someone should look at the strength of their schedule as a rookie QB, with only 19 college starts and one that apparently, according to your astute observations has not progressed, yet consistently delivered the ball where the defense was weakest, did not turn the ball over, only gave up 2 sacks (1 less than Bradford) and threw 2 TDs (2 more than Bradford). Tannehill is much more poised and capable than you give him credit for. How many did Bradford have? Let me help again, zero TD passes against a secondary considered to be uninspiring. He did manage a questionable rushing TD. Speaking of suspect plays, Bradford clearly fumbled on the tuck rule call as the ball came out after it hit the helmet and that receiver clearly had possession, made a football move and took 2 steps turning up field before knocking the ball loose himself for a fumble.

    • MindlessComment

      Your right, 162 yards on the ground is a horrible performance by the running backs. Are you high? You’re right those two did not score, but if I am not mistaken Bradford did rush for a touchdown at the end of the game, which was our first of the season. Top ranked my a**, allowing 162 yards and a touchdown on the ground is never a good performance.

      It doesn’t matter how many starts he had in college, it matter if he is getting better each game of the season and demonstrating the ability to make throws and keys plays in game. Tannehill couldn’t convert on third down, barely through a pass longer than 5 yards, and did not make any of the reads at the line of scrimmage to help out the running or passing game. Your average field position was within 10 yards of midfield, you should be able to put points on the board on every since drive, and that was not the case.

      He was poised and clearly capable of running the plays that were called for him. Does that mean he is progressing as a quarterback in every day? No. Comparing him to Sam Bradford is irrelevant to his progression within the offense. Yes he may have thrown for two touchdowns, but neither was a tough throw in a tight window or anything that a average quarterback should not be able to complete from the moment they are drafted into the NFL. The lack of progression can be seen in the inability to keep key drives alive (4 for 12 on 3rd down), make the appropriate changes at the line of scrimmage, and control the game through the offense and gain yards (under 50 plays, and under 200 yards of total offense).

      “Speaking of suspect plays” no one said anything about suspect plays…


    Nathan, another ignorant statement on your end regarding Ryan Tannehill. How can you say he was not impressive and not “progressing”? He was 21 for 29 with two TD’s and a 112 QB rating. He changed plays and protection schemes at the line of scrimmage. To put his team in the best position possible. The Rams blitzed him repeatedly and Tannehill was poised and made no mistakes. He has improved every week and is making rapid strides. Bradford, who has been in the league for three years, does never commanded the huddle at this same point in his career. Tannehill is going to continue to improve and with improved talent around him, will one day be a top five QB in this league. Sounds like you’re bitter that the Rams dominated in every statistical category and were still beat by a poised rookie QB.

    • Idiot!

      Miami fans are delusional and really over reading into the one comment about the lack of progression.

      While his QB Rating may have been 112.0, his Total Quarterback Rating was 60.9, which is his second lowest mark of the season. No one should be impressed with a performance where a quarterback completes 20+ passes for under 200 yards. Worse, over 50% of his passing yards came from yards after the catch.

      “He changed plays and protection schemes at the line of scrimmage. To put his team in the best position possible.” How so? If he was the one truly orchestrating the offense (which I highly doubt), that is not a good sign. The offense only managed 192 total yards, and only 19 on the ground against one of the worst rushing defenses in the league. He converted only 25% of his 3rd down tries, and scored only a handful of points with an average field position around the 40 yard line.

      “Bradford, who has been in the league for three years, does never commanded the huddle at this same point in his career.” You know nothing about the player, clearly… He single-handed took a 2-14 team within one game of making the playoffs in his rookie season, going 7-9, and winning Rookie of the Year. He was hurt for most, if not all, of the 2011 season, as were three of this starting offensive lineman, his two starting wide receivers, and Steven Jackson. Idiot… Get your head out of Tannehill’s a** and actually watch the NFL. Miami lives in their own little world where every player is the next Dan Marino…

      • Idiot! = IDIOT

        lol, could you be any more of a disgruntled Rams fan?
        Mister poindexter here throwing out a whole bunch of stats that don’t even matter. If you actually watched the game, T-hill played a good game and played exactly how he needed to and came out with the all important WIN.
        Anything else you say is a waste of breath lol.

        • PleaseStopTalking

          Yes total offensive yards, your rating as a quarterback, your efficiency on third down, and you ability to move the chains down the field doesn’t matter…

          If I actually watched the game? It explicited says Ryan Tannehill “did what he had to do to win the game.” What does that have to do with progression of a quarterback, which is what the argument is about. You either know nothing about football or are just ignorant to what “progression as a quarterback” means. No one is arguing that he didn’t play well enough to win, they are arguing that he did not play at this “elite” level that Miami fans seem to have watched Sunday

          • PleaseStopCrying

            This is what i hear right now….”Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa” Lol Keep crying little child but it won’t give you a Win. PS. Not one person has said he’s “elite”, that is what ignorant fans like you think we have said.

  • Shadowplay

    I rarely feel the need to comment , but there is a certain
    lack of respect in your writing that is grating to me, as a Dolphins fan. We are not the 2011 Dolphins. This is a new team with a rookie QB who
    has been playing well, regardless of what you think. Tannehill has been playing well and is
    improving – no turnovers in the past two weeks.

    I understand your frustration – the statistics were all in
    the Rams’ favor. But, as a Dolphins fans,
    we were equally frustrated in our two OT losses, games we “should have” won. Those things happen and it’s easy to put down
    the teams that you think you “should have” beaten.
    But I think your objectivity on the strength of your team and ours comes
    into question, especially in light of the “Five Bold Predictions”, which were
    certainly bold. One correct out of five
    is not good, and the other four were way off.
    (Also, in it, you say, “Bradford has actually not been as bad as his number may indicate through five games.” That’s how we feel about Tannehill.)

    Anyway, you’re a 3-3 team.
    We’re a 3-3 team. We got the better of you this time, but good luck in the
    future. You’re in the toughest division
    in football right now so keep it up.

    • The Greek

      Fin fan here….Tannehill took this win from you, and all you can do is call him unimpressive. You writing is unimpressive, you should have spent more time basking in your run defense, which I’ll tell you, looked very good. Lets see what our final records are before you call our QB anything but an excellent rookie.

      • Are you high? He wasn’t impressive, he didn’t throw 400 yards or 6 touchdowns or lead his team on a game winning drive. Tannehill played good enough to get the win, and that was it. We was an effective, average quarterback, that completed the ball short and let Reggie Bush do the rest. He scored points, but didn’t do well on third down or in keep drives alive for most of the game, but did it frequently enough to get the win. It was’t impressive, it wasn’t excellent, it was effective and average.

        • Ty Dahmer

          I’d take Tannehill over Bradford ANY day of the week.

          • DumbComment

            And that is why you are not in charge of an NFL franchise…

          • Very clever ;)

    • NoDisrespectMeant

      I think I am batting below .500 on the season, but that is the point of bold predictions I suppose. The article was meant to be quick thoughts from the perspective of a St. Louis Rams fan and writer watching the game.

      Miami Dolphins fan in the comment section are taking the sixth comment way out of it’s intended meaning. Do I think he is a good quarterback? Yes. Do I think he played well enough to win the game? Clearly. Did he have a good completion percentage, run the plays what were called from the sideline effectively, and make the open throws he needed to make and score points? Yes. Did he have a dominating game, make difficult throws in coverage, convert on third down, change plays at the line of scrimmage after reading the defense to help out the passing or running game, or make tough drives at the end of the game? No.
      I have no doubt that he “will” progress into a solid quarterback in the NFL. But, when you think about progression, you have to think about improving every single week and gaining experience and knowledge in areas where he has not been successful. His touchdowns were passes he should be able to complete as a quarterback in the NFL, but the lack of converting great field position into points, an inability to read defenses, or any indication that he can make tough throws down the field (maybe through play calling and through no fault of his own).
      I do not understand the backlash against 1 of 17 comments simply because they aren’t in favor of your particular team. This is a St. Louis Rams fan page, meaning that the commentary will likely be biased in favor of our team. No one said the Miami Dolphins were a bad team, no one said Ryan Tannehill wasn’t a good quarterback. Anyone that watched the game say a quarterback that effectively ran the plays that were called in the game, which were primarily screens, shovel passes, and swing routes from the running back, and played well enough to win the game. That was it though…

  • cheesehead

    I saw this game. You should give the opposing team some credit for beating your favorite team, it’s good manners, they did just enough to win doesn’t quite do it. It doesn’t make your favorite team look very good if they were beaten by a less than par team now does it? Here’s a suggestion – The dolphins play very good defense in the redzone. Sounds good no? Seems like even the dolphin fans that post here missed that one too. You are correct, the dolphins did not control the rams missed field goals, as they didn’t control the officiating(not complaining, my favorite team was screwed by the replacements) that went the rams way; not counting bradford’s touchdown, looked like he did gain control of the ball in the endzone, and that was about as close as a defensive stop as you can get.
    Yeah the rams should have beaten the dolphins. But not all of it was because of the dolphins lack of production, that 66 yard attempt was literally reaching, especially under the known wind conditions that you pointed out. As much as your kicker is kicking himself for the miss; he shouldn’t. Some would argue the rams should have tried to get closer or fail doing so, that would point to the play called. As they say is all 20 20Can’t have it all man, there is always the coulda woulda shoulda, ask a packer fan about that one, they’ll agree. And if we could take what should have been, the rams, packers, and the dolphins would all be sitting at 4-2.

    And what is this…”luckily the Rams take on the Packers at home next week before flying to London” Are you for real? luckily huh? I’ll be back.

    • Smile

      Your comment was very inciteful, but don’t take it out of context at the end. The comment was specifically referring to the inability of the Rams to win on the road. Think about it as “take on (insert any team) at home next week”

      • cheesehead

        Ok I can go with that. Also suggests the rams ability to win at home. Good home field results, no question. Googling packers linked me to this page. 99% of my comment was unbiased, until the suspect “context at the end”, then I knee jerked. I will attempt to be as unbiased as possible next Sunday, I doubt I’ll succeed.


    You are an idiot. I have never read your articles until this one, But you do not get more ignorant than this. SI should not post links to your article amatuer. Lick your wounds on your own time and post something that will display you somewhat intelligent in the sport of football.

    • FOFF

      Quick personal thought about a game are ignorant? Grow up miami homer…