May 10, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Rams wide receiver Tavon Auston (11) runs a drill during rookie minicamp at Rams Park. Mandatory Credit: Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

Rams To Have Dynamic Offense In 2013

Ever since the departures of Marc Bulger, Torry Holt, and Isaac Bruce, offense has been a significant issue of the Rams. The Rams have only averaged 16.3 points per game the last three seasons and had an NFL worst of 12.1 and 10.9 points per game in 2009 and 2011.  The last time the Rams scored more than 20 points per game and were in the upper half of the league in the category was back in 2006 when they were ranked 10th with 22.9 points per game. In order to win games you have to score points no matter how good you think your defense nly is. The Rams have failed to score points and failed to win games since 2006. With the addition of playmakers Tavon Austin, Jared Cook, Brian Quick, Stedman Bailey, Daryl Richardson, and Isaiah Pead, the Rams look to score more points and change what has become a tradition. The Rams will have a dynamic offense, but just how dynamic will the offense be?

The Seahawks and 49ers have two of the more dynamic offenses in the league and just happen to be in the same division as the Rams. The 49ers and Seahawks both run a lot of the read-option that gave defenses headaches all last season. The Rams have decided to follow suit, and although they may not have a so-called mobile quarterback, the Rams did go out and get the best playmaker in the draft in Tavon Austin. It has been reported that Tavon Austin has been taking a few snaps at running back during OTA’s. Austin was successful running the ball at WVU as he rushed for 643 yards and three TD’s on 72 carries.Having Austin take snaps at running back has its risks as Austin is small and could get injured because he would be taking more hits, however Austin doesn’t have a history of injury problems, therefore it should be a non issue. Austin ran a 4.34 40 yard dash at the combine, if you can get the guy in space, he has the ability to make plays. Having Austin play running back is just another way to do just that. The Rams took Austin because they loved his versatility and play making ability. It looks like Austin may be doing a lot of the same things he did at WVU in St. Louis and will be featured a lot in the Rams offense. With Austin the Rams will be able to do so much. They can put him at running back, wide receiver, or even use him in  a wild-cat package. Wherever Austin is at on the field the defense will have to respect him.

The Rams not only got a small, speedy wide receiver that can make plays but they also now have a big, physical tight end. Jared Cook has the potential to be the one of the best tight ends in the NFL. With Rob Gronkowski having a lot of injury problems and having to get multiple surgeries, there is no guarantee he will be the same player. Jared Cook could attain the role of NFL’s best tight end. Cook is 6’5 248 pounds. The Rams will more than likely be using Cook in the slot and will be a target that defenses will have to take care of. Cook could without a doubt become Bradford’s new favorite target according to senior writer Nick Wagoner, Cook and Bradford have grown pretty comfortable with each other and Cook has been making plays. Reportedly, he’s been particularly tough to cover on post-corner routes and has been a favorite target in the red zone. Cook could receive for over 1,000 yards this season and lead the team in touchdowns.

Don’t forget about Chris Givens either and the other Rams sophomores either. Chris Givens lead the team in receiving last year and was the team’s number one receiver and deep threat. Givens received  for 698 yards and three touchdowns last season. He also had three consecutive games where he had at least one reception of over 50 yards. Givens will assume the same number one receiver role he had last year. It has been said that Givens has been making spectacular catches in training camp and has caught a lot of deep balls. Givens should get more targets than he did last year and could receive for 1,000 yards. The Rams also have Brian Quick who could see more of an expanded role and Stedman Bailey will also play a part in the offense.

The Rams also have three running backs who will play a part in the new dynamic offense. The Rams have had a big physical back in Steven Jackson ever since they drafted him back in 2004. Now with Jackson out the Rams have been left with Isaiah Pead and Daryl Richardson who are small, speedy backs. The Rams could run more sweeps and stretches and the running backs could also play a larger role in the passing game than they have in the past. When the Rams need  a physical back, they have Zac Stacy or Terrance Ganaway. The Rams may not have a 1,000 yard running back, but that doesn’t mean they wont play a large role in the offense.

The Rams could have one of the more exciting offenses in the league and could have an offense in which the defense doesn’t know who to cover because the Rams have so many weapons that can do so many different things like the Packers, Saints, and Patriots. The Rams have an offense that can do a lot and may run some gimmicky packages. Let’s just hope it’s successful like the 49ers and Seahawks offense has been and doesnt blow up in their face like the Jets’ offense did last year.


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  • Mark Peterson

    What are you smoking? The Rams will have an improved front line, but a dynamic offense? Hardly. None of those guys (Tavon Austin, Jared Cook, Brian Quick, Stedman Bailey, Daryl Richardson, and Isaiah Pead), except maybe Cook, are elite NFL players. And Cook has only scored 8 TDs in his entire career. Austin will be a slot receiver and should contribute, but dynamic? Nice feel good article. Ack.

    • Alfonso Rivas

      I disagree with you completely. The Rams will have a dynamic offense. You must be a 49er or seachicken fan and probably do not want the Rams to have a dynamic offense, but what you want and what is going to happen are two different things!

    • Brian Demarest

      That’s funny Mark. You don’t think Bradford, Austin, and Cook along with the supporting cast have the potential to be huge? You don’t know a lot about football do you?

      I remember an after thought backup QB named Kurt Warner that was pretty Dynamic. He threw quite a lot to a rookie wide receiver named Tory Holt. You may remember them.

      • Mark Peterson

        Show me stats for current players. Austin will contribute, Cook will strengthen the O-line, and Bradford has been average at best. I think the over/under for the Rams this year is 6. Not 10 or 11… 6. I love the Rams, but I’m not blind.

        • Adam

          Go root for another team. You don’t sound like a true fan to me.

          • Mark Peterson

            I have a buddy who’s a Raider fan. Every year he tells me how awesome the Raiders will be. Sound familiar?

        • Brian Demarest

          If you live by stats alone you will fail. No one agrees that Cook only had 8 TD’s because of his skills but because of how he was used. He has excellent skills. Austin has outrageously good skills. The TEAM is now very very fast. With at least 3 strong threats (Austin, Cook, Givens) teams can’t focus on one player.

          Bradford needs to prove himself this season but to assume he’s average when he’s been on his back so much and with so few targets is simplistic. When he’s well protected, he’s a top tier QB.

          The over-under is 7.5 last I looked. When the Rams won the SB they were 200 to 1 odds against so I wouldn’t rely on Vegas too much.

          • cesarnoel

            Agreed, Cook stats is a aberration since the Titans are more of a run first offense and Jake Locker is inconsistent. If Cook was playing for a team with an established QB (like Sam Bradford) his stats would be much better.

          • cesarnoel

            Agreed, Cook stats is a aberration since the Titans are more of a run first offense and Jake Locker is inconsistent. If Cook was playing for a team with an established QB (like Sam Bradford) his stats would be much better.

        • Brian Demarest

          By the way, since you seem to be confused, Vegas doesn’t project what they think the win losses will be. They set the line based on anticipated or actual betting to try to get as many over bets as under. They make their money off of the vig. It’s based on perception, not reality.

          The Rams are way under rated in general because of past stats that are irrelevant and the unknowns so the over under is low for people like you who don’t know football.

        • Blaine Grisak

          Bradford has had no weapons, and yet he still managed to get the Rams a game away from the playoffs his rookie year and had pretty good year last year. His sophomore year he had an ankle issue. He finally has weapons and expect him to have a career year and the Rams to get the 10 or 11 wins and make the playoffs

          • cesarnoel

            Josh McDaniel practically killed Sam Bradford’s chances to improve because his type of offense doesn’t fit.

          • Blaine Grisak

            What does McDaniels have to do with anything? The Rams have Schotty now and last I checked Sam had a career year last year which is improving

        • cesarnoel

          In paper the offense is dynamic because of the drafting of Austin and Bailey and the emergence of Chris Givens. Getting Jake Long and improving the O-line. I won’t be surprise Bradford can become the next 1999 Kurt Warner.

          Dynamic doesn’t mean elite. Dynamic means that most of the new acquisitions are very fast and athletic and on the case of Tavon Austin versatility comes to mind.

    • Brian Demarest

      Austin officially runs a 4.28 40 but he’s actually faster. Pead runs a 4.39. Givens runs a 4.35. Bailey and Richardson run a 4.46 40. What team can cover that every play? No one, that’s who, no one.

      Cook runs a 4.49, one of the fastest TE’s in the NFL, and catches 61% of passes intended for him. He will probably be the most productive TE in the NFL this season.

      Bailey caught 114 passes for 1,622 yards and TWENTY FIVE TD’s just last season.

      Austin “should contribute”? Mark, that’s just silly. He has the potential to be the best slot receiver in the NFL by the end of next season. Go watch some tape of Austin because you have no idea what you are talking about.

    • RamWoz

      I agree with you Mark to a point. While I am optimistic the verdict is out until I see proven results. Only time will tell but our optimism dont mean jack.

    • Blaine Grisak

      Improved front line? We improved the LT position other than that, everybody will be the same from last year. The Rams drastically improved their offensive weapons situation with the additions of Austin, Cook, and Bailey. These guys except for Cook are unproven, but aren’t all rookies? All rookies have something to prove and every year rookies become successful. Rams still have Givens who played well last year, Richardson showed what he can do in the first half of the season last year. He almost took quite a few carries the distance. The Rams will have Austin lining up all over the field, and he will be successful everywhere they put him.

      • Brian Demarest

        Well, a number of key OL players were injured last year so, at least for week 1, we should have a drastically improved OL. Also, we added Jones who will add depth at several positions.

    • randy

      So your really not going to give any props… i thought he played well… considering he was just a rookie… this offence will be scary… there is speed at every position and thats one thing you cant stop… speed kills… you talk they just have 1or2 guys with speed… if bradford does his job … they wont be stopped… there will be so many mis-matches they wont know who to key on…and they will make some mistakes… but our d will keep us in the game… and these dudes are young… wait till they get their wings underneath them…if they run a uptempo fastbreak offence the d wont know what hit the

      • randy

        Dont get me wrong…im not saying there going all way… but i am saying we got 2first rounders next year things are to get real enteresting… we will own the west … givem hell tavon… GO RAMS…

    • Nathan Kearns

      A significantly improved offensive line, considering most of our top players were not on the field last season. Assuming the players are healthy, they will have one-time Pro Bowlers in Scott Wells (injured) and Harvey Dahl at C and RG, a fringe-Top 10 tackle in Rodger Saffold (injured) at RT, and a perennial All-Pro in Jake Long (injured) at LT. Last season it was a third-string LT, fourth-string LG, and backup C for a majority of the season…

      And no, none of those players would be considered elite, but, then again, it is hard to be considered truly “elite” in your first or second year in the league. Moreover, the “new style” in the NFL is pass-oriented offenses with three to four above average players. Green Bay, New Orleans, and even teams like the Giants and Patriots (especially with Gronk and Hernandez hurt) all rely on solid quarterback play and mismatches in the defense, not on any single player being dominate in the offense.

      Austin will be a slot receiver… and a joker… and line up out wide… and line up in the backfield! Austin is projected to be the next Percy Harvin or Randall Cobb, both of which were thought of as primarily slot guys coming into the league. Their position on the field does not dictate how dynamic a player will be, what they do within the ball in their hands determines it.

      You also left off Chris Givens, who set the rookie record with FIVE consecutive games with a 50+ yard receptions, and destroyed some of the top corners in the NFL. Moreover, with increased offensive snaps in the middle of the season, he averaged over 80 yards per game; including an 11 reception game against the San Francisco 49ers. That was all with zero other offensive weapons (Amendola was injured) and a non-existent offensive line (LT Saffold, C Wells, LG Watkins out)…

    • randy

      There more to it than austin and cook… givens had a pretty good year as a rookie… so you can look for him to build on that…and looking at what we had a few years back you can only be optomistic… bailey will catch the ball… good on routes great hands… what makes you think he cant do it at this level…its not proven… i forgot…lol…they have speed at every position… and speed kills…if bradfor
      d does his job… they will have an explosive offence… there will be mis-mat hes

  • Gary Stewart

    trying to decide if I should cry or laugh most likely somewhere in the middle mark has 1 good point that’s that these new weapons have no nfl track record (rookies) and yet to assume they wont be dynamic is no better of a bet than those that think they will. givens quick pettis and Bradford all in the 2nd year with the same scheme and while Austin and bailey don’t have nfl credentials they would not be the first rookies in nfl history to flourish and jared cook had a staff that didn’t utilize him as well as qb issues he is so big and fast though that even with his being new he should be a solid starter and each player that forces opponents to game plan for them means less attention to someone else if shotty can figure out the opposing defenses weak link week to week the rams should improve quite a bit my numbers are 4400 yds 27 tds and 9 ints for Bradford the run by committee totals should exceed 1800 yards 8 tds also our return game should give us better field position leading to our defense forcing the opponents to go a lot further to score 3 total special team tds and greg the leg gets 27- 33 fgs

  • Joshua Davis

    What a lot of people forget, is why a 40 time is so important and why we look for times in the 4′s. This is the average time a quarterback usually gets in the pocket. Talk about being able to stretch the field. Does anybody know what Sam Bradfords average time is its 2.6 SEC’s while Colin kaepernick got 4.6 SEC’s . I’m happy to have a O-LINE.

    • Mark Peterson

      The Rams are building. A strong o-line and defense is the core. If our rookies stay healthy and perform as expected, in a couple of years the Rams will be very competitive.

      • Nathan Kearns

        The “were” building… not “are”!

        They were 6-5-1 in the conference, 4-1-1 in the NFC West, and still in the playoff hunt until Week 15 against the Minnesota Vikings. All of that with injuries to the top running back, top receiver, top left tackle, top left guard, top center, and essentially no depth at receiver.

        Scott Wells and Rodger Saffold will, hopefully, be back healthy, with the addition of Jake Long on the blindside… built! The defensive was Top 15 for a majority of the season, maybe fringe Top 10, and upgraded safety and outside linebacker, the only areas of weakness… built!

        They will be “competitive” next season, even if that means finishing 9-7 in a tough NFC West, with one of the hardest schedules in the NFL.

        In a “couple years” when the 49ers and Seahawks have to pay more than a handful of pennies to their starting quarterbacks, their rosters will implode, and the Rams’ still-young roster will rise back to the top of the NFC West where it belongs.



    • Nathan Kearns

      Forgot to turn caps lock off…

      They played a couple of high-powered teams last season, but also played a number of “gimme games” and did so predominantly against players that will never wear an NFL uniform… but that is besides the point.

      I think the two have a chance to be special, but I do not except either to “steam roll” from the receiver spot. There are too many weapons and too many question marks at this point in the offseason to make any bold predictions. In fact, Stedman Bailey might not even see the field next season, especially if Brian Quick progresses quickly in the offensive system.

      Love the enthusiasm, but don’t get tooooooo hyped up until we see them do it on the field… the NFL field!