LA Rams training camp focus as Cardinals 49ers Seahawks do arms race

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LA Rams
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Seahawks rejoin arms race

The Seattle Seahawks have competed with the LA  Rams on the addition of key players in the past to keep pace in the NFC West.  Or was it the other way around?  After all the Seahawks fired the first shot off the bow when they signed TE Greg Olsen to bolster their tight end production.

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While that move seemed more window dressing than significant in terms of production, Olsen does finally give the Seahawks a viable two tight end offense if they can keep TE Will Disley healthy, Adding any new dimension to the Seahawks offense becomes dangerous, as Russell Wilson has proven to get the most of what the offense has. But the Seahawks simply do not have an answer to shut down 49ers TE George Kittle. So-

Seahawks bolster their air defense

The Seahawks pulled the trigger on a huge mega-deal for former NY Jets safety Jamal Adams. Not only does he bolster their defense, but the move prevents the 49ers from adding what may have been the key to putting them over the top.

Even with Adams, the Seahawks are now rumored to be kicking the tires on two free agents who can help their pass rush. The trade for Adams, which basically cuts the Seahawks off at the knees in terms of rebuilding via the draft.  Much like the 2019 LA Rams, the 2020 Seahawks are going all-in with an effort to dethrone the 49ers and compete for the NFL Championship this year.

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Meanwhile, the LA Rams can afford to sit this out. They’ve got their core players. As of now, the Rams are good to go.  Health and injuries aside, the Rams are confident that they have the talent to win this year.  As for all of these transactions with the other NFC West teams?  Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.  Replicating player production with their new team is great in theory. But that’s not how it always works. Connecting new players to new plays, new teammates, and new coaches is very challenging this year.