Looks like DL is back on the LA Rams draft menu, boys

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Mandatory Credit: Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Rams continue to meet with NFL Draft prospects. So far, we’ve tracked 13 such pre-draft virtual meetings. There was the first dozen. Just hours later, the Rams added another meeting to bring the number to 13. Well, make that 14. Despite having just six draft picks, the LA Rams are certainly beating the pavement for virtual meetings with a diverse crop of players and positions for the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft.

As well they should be. The Rams cannot find themselves at a point in this draft without a logical pick nor an option to trade back for more picks. And so, the strategy so far seems to be focused upon creating viable options at necessary depth as well as viable options for each round of the NFL Draft (well, from round two and down at least)

So far, the distribution of pre-draft meetings looks like this:
Four (4) interviews were held with cornerbacks
Three (3) interviews were held with wide receivers
Two (2) interviews were held with defensive linemen. *
Two (2) interviews were held with running backs
One (1) interview was held with an offensive center (two meetings were reported with the same prospect)
One (1) interview was held with an inside linebacker
One (1) interview was held with an outside linebacker

That’s a pretty busy schedule for six draft picks. But keep in mind that it’s important for the Rams to have viable options at each draft selection. So when the LA Rams meet with a prospect, is that a sure sign of availability late on day two? Not necessarily. But the 2021 NFL Draft will certainly be one of the most unpredictable drafts in recent memory. With little comparability and consistent data, the typical consensus fades quickly out of the top ten or so prospects.

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