CBS Schein: ‘Matthew Stafford is a rock star. He changes everything!” for LA Rams

In 2020, the NFL’s talking heads circuit had the LA Rams all but dead, many projecting them to finish last in the NFC West and end up below .500 for the first time during head coach Sean McVay’s watch. Suddenly, this year the LA Rams are the darlings of the NFL. Can one player truly make THAT much of a difference?

In a word, yes.

And that is exactly what CBS Sports News pundit Adam Schein claims has happened from the moment that the LA Rams traded with the Detroit Lions for veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford.

It started with a phone interview on Adam Schein’s Sirius radio podcast on Mad Dogs Sports Radio when Rams head coach spoke to Schein about the fit of Stafford to the Rams offense. But McVay stated that the Rams will import some of the offense from Stafford’s days with Detroit. That opens an entirely new conversation for the future. But for now, McVay is sold that Stafford can deliver his team a Lombardi.

We’d be silly not to implement (what Stafford did in Detroit)

Just check out this podcast held earlier in the week:

Of course, after hearing the vigor and enthusiasm of Sean McVay, Adam Schein was hooked as well. He’s now a believer in what the Rams are capable of doing in 2021. And he’s shouting it from the highest mountain top. Or at least to the nearest hot microphone.

Need more proof? Here is a video segment from Adam Schein recorded the very next day. Note how excited he is with the Rams offensive weapons, including speedy receiver Tutu Atwell.

This isn’t the first time that Schein has been touting the fit of new quarterback Matthew Stafford with the LA Rams offense.

Stafford is a hot NFL topic

As is often the case, major moves by an NFL team are often applauded by the NFL sports circuit.  Talk shows often key on major NFL news with a strong pro or con perspective.  Schein has even gone so far as to say that the trade for Stafford ‘Makes the LA Rams the clear favorite in the best division in football.’

Of course, Adam Schein’s endorsement can be construed as the kiss of death, like so many pundits. His 2020 NFL predictions for Super Bowl contenders included the Kansas City Chiefs (14-2), the Baltimore Ravens (11-5), the San Francisco 49ers (6-10), the Houston Texans (4-12), the Dallas Cowboys (6-10), the Green Bay Packers (13-3), the Philadelphia Eagles (4-11-1), the Buffalo Bills (13-3), and the Seattle Seahawks (12-4).  He picked five teams that made it to the NFL Playoffs, and four teams that did not.

Let’s hope that the Rams get the positive and truly excel in 2021, and not the kiss of death like that of the 49ers, Cowboys, Eagles, and Texans. I’ve never been much of a fan of Adam Schein, simply because everything he claims is to the extreme, much like a Sith Lord talks in absolutes. I think that the LA Rams are a better team this year. How much better? Well, that remains to be seen. But if you believe CBS Sports Network analyst Adam Schein? Good enough to win Super Bowl LVI.