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Here are some hot links about the Rams as we get closer to Sunday:

– The Fanhouse over at AOL did an interesting piece about defensive tackle Claude Wroten’s return from his suspension. It’s interesting what can be said of a team that is 0-5 with injuries. The big story has to do with a backup defensive tackle returning from a suspension. We rock, don’t we?

-Brett Knight over at RAMblings on MVN talks about those injuries by counting down the most important ones. I don’t know how he was able to get that together in such a short amount of time but he knows his stuff.

– Ryan over at Turf Show Times gives some good insight on why the power rankings for the Rams just don’t matter anymore.

– The Post- Dispatch makes a very good point about the chemistry of Scott Linehan with the rest of the team and how even though we lost last week, the team looked good.

– And finally, myself and my partner Jimmy DiFalco talk about the Rams on our weekly Radio show over at MVN Radio, Fourth and Inches. Check that out as well.

So those are what some of the other people around the web are saying about the Rams. But what are you saying? Please comment on this post with any thoughts you may have on the state of the team.

And oh yeah by the way, Tye Hill is expected to start on Sunday in Baltimore.


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