Rams Review- Week 7: Boys, Lets Call It a Day.

Yesterday afternoon, the St. Louis Rams couldn’t come closer to beating the Seattle Seahawks. They lost 33-6. Yeah, that’s how close they came to winning the game. Let’s just say it wasn’t a very memorable game for Rams fans. We had so many false start penalties, and aside from that the ref really made me nauseous the way he spoke. And Marc Bulger made me nauseous the way played.

In Bulger’s first game back from the two broken ribs, he threw three interceptions and completed 21 of 40 passes for 225 yards. I was at my friend’s house watching the game (he had the Sunday Ticket) and let me tell you that every time we switched to the Rams game, Bulger dropped back to pass somewhere inside our own 20 yard line and got sacked each time. My friend is an Eagles fan and let’s just say I had to get out of the house fast after that game was over. Anyway, the Rams are 0-7. They are the worst team in the National Football League. I can’t believe I’m saying this but yes, its very true.

The team played terrible, atrocious football yesterday afternoon in Quest Field in Seattle. Brian Leonard got the ball 12 times and ran for 44 yards, while Torry Holt led the way receiving, with 8 catches for 82 yards.

As for my prediction as to how we were going to win the game, you remember me saying in my preview of the game that the Rams would need to stop Shaun Alexander from running all over the defensive line. The middle guys like Adam Carriker and L’Roi Glover would need to play a role in stopping him because he will try to run in the middle. He’s not a speed back. Well, Alexander carried the ball 19 times, gaining 47 yards on the ground. We did our job there. James Hall had four tackles, and Glover and Carriker combined for four.

However, I never mentioned anything about a fellow named Maurice Morris, who nearly had the same amount of yards on the ground as Alexander. I never thought he would even play factor in the game. He rushed 10 times for 42 yards. Ok, I’ll take that.

The receiving game for the Seahawks dominated the game, something I thought would never happen considering Deion Branch missed the game and the only guy they really had was Bobby Engram. Well, I was very wrong. Matt Hasselbeck threw for fewer yards than Marc Bulger. But, he threw more touchdowns and fewer interceptions than Marc did. The short handed Seattle quarterback utilized the few amount of resources he had yesterday, throwing two touchdowns to a guy by the name of Will Heller, a guy that sounds like he just got off the pickup and is ready to hunt some deer for tonight’s supper. Yep, that’s who dominates the Rams these days. I’m lovin it.

Our defense didn’t do too bad, with a halftime score of only 10-3 Hawks. But the game was over when Nate Burleson returned the second half opening kick for a touchdown, putting the Rams in ultimate catch-up mode. Yes, it was indeed the offense that lost this game for us. Because Bulger threw those three interceptions (and fumbled twice), the Seahawks were in our territory for too much time in this football game and we were in our territory for too long as well. The defense was very solid in this game, I thought. We had a couple of interceptions (Ron Bartell, and Fakhir Brown), and we really didn’t get a lot of credit because of how many points were on the board for the other team. Lately, that’s starting to reflect the play of the offense and not the defense. I mean if you throw an interception at your own 20 yard line, they now need 20 yards to put seven points on the board.

How hard could it possibly be?

So they score. You sigh and say, where’s the defense? But it’s really the offense that blew the game. The game that marked the worst start in St. Louis Rams history.  

For more Rams news, check out our sister site over at MVN.com, RAMblings with Brett Knight. Today, Brett talks about what it means to be a Rams fan at 0-7. We’ll talk more tommorow.

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