Rams Review: Week 8- I Can't Believe We Didn't Win!

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The St. Louis Rams are 0-8 heading into their bye week. What can I say? I mean, what do you expect me to say? We stink. There’s no way around it and there’s almost nothing we can do about it either, so I hope your ready for a long second half of the season and an interesting off-season. As for this particular game, here’s what I saw (or listened to fore free as NFL.com had a free weekend of field pass):

1.) Steven Jackson can’t not get injured. I mean seriously. Let’s go, people. How does Action Jackson go down again? Back spasms? You’ve got to be kidding me. So he goes down midway through the first half and, oh lookie there. He’s done for the game. Okay, we can live with this. Brian Leonard, yeah that guy. That guy who couldn’t get one yard on fourth and one late in the game. What are we gonna do about Jackson being out? Well, we have the bye week this week, so hopefully he can recover in two weeks and be back for week 10.

2.) Marc did well. Well, he did. Our starter wasn’t even in for the whole game and he still passed for over 310 yards. His thumb had to be taped up after he was hit hard by Kamerion Wimbley late in the game. Gus Frerotte came in for a couple of plays. Bulger threw for 310 yards and a touchdown. He also threw an interception that I don’t really take into consideration when looking at his overall performance because it was the last play of the game on offense. For most of this game he was consistent and led a balanced attack.

3.) They Completely had our number.Before the game, I said that we needed to exploit their offensive strength threw the air. Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow dominated. And that’s exactly what I said couldn’t happen. There’s no way you can expect to win a football game when they can beat you through the air countless amount of times like they did.

4.) We are really messed up. It’s true. This team is complete disarray right now and we just have to take a deep breath. They committed a lot of penalties and we still let them win. Number three is the main reason we lost this football game. They did terrible on the ground, but as long as you have one advantage that you can use over and over again to perfection, your going to win. And that’s what they did.

John Pullega over at RAMblings, our sister site, makes a good point. We should just start rooting for the players on this team to do good individually. Start cheering those individual efforts because this season is lost.

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