I'm Still Here!

As the Rams did not play on Sunday, I’m sure some of my loyal readers were wondering where I was. Well, I had a nice weekend off from the misery that is Rams football in 2007. And then, this morning, I turned on my computer and did my daily once over the Post-Dispatch website just to see if the Rams maybe were affected by the bye week; hey, would you be surprised? Low and behold, I was able to find something.

Leonard Little will need surgery on his toe and his season is over. I mentioned earlier that he wanted to try and play through the injury but it ain’t gonna happen.

“It’s still very painful,” coach Scott Linehan said. “He has a hard time getting his shoe on. By (Tuesday) we’ll make a final decision on that. But it doesn’t look real good right now.”

Little did visit with a foot specialist last week in North Carolina, but as he says that didn’t go to well.

“It obviously didn’t go very well,” Little said, “We pretty much knew what (Anderson) was going to say anyway. We tried to give it two weeks for it to heal back up. It just never did respond like it was supposed to.”

Huh? Not looking good? Oh yeah, it’s definitely not looking good.

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