Rams Review- Week 10: How Sweet It Is!

This afternoon could have been the greatest afternoon of my entire life. The St. Louis Rams won their first NFL game of 2007! It is a great day to be a Rams fan. I have been waiting for a long time but it finally happened. The Rams are 1-8, and yes, we have lost eight and won only one. But nonetheless, being a fan of the Rams could be the best thing to be right now.

The final score was 37-29 Rams. The Rams were balanced the whole way through on offense, never giving up and playing until the end. The fourth quarter could have been one of the worst quarters I’ve ever experienced as a Rams fan as the Saints came back and scored 22 points. The Rams dominated so much in the second and third quarters that they were able to give up the points and still win the game. Steven Jackson and even Antonio Pittman had great games today. Pittman broke a huge run late in the third quarter that put the team at the one yard line of the Saints as time wound down in the third. We scored and made it 34-7 Rams. I couldn’t believe how bad we were beating them. We were absolutely killing them!

Meanwhile, Jackson had a day to remember, running in for a touchdown and jump starting his second career as a quarterback by throwing a TD pass. Just great stuff all around from this team this week. As I was listening to the game on Rams radio, I noticed how the defense for the Rams was pouring it on Drew Brees and the rest of the Saints. We had two interceptions in this game, both in the first half and that’s part of what kicked off our offense. There was a confidence instilled in this offense after those interceptions that gave us the thought that we could score a touchdown. Just a great game overall for the team. I’m glad to see the wait is finally over.

The team played great mainly in the first half, and that’s really what got me thinking that by halftime, we’d have a chance to win. The pressure that we put on Brees was an intergral part of that first half, but we let them get back into the game, something that needs to be worked on if we plan on winning any more games in 2007. The Rams offense totaled a season high 409 yards today, but the Saints were missing three injured starters on defense. Coach Scott Linehan can certainly say there’s a monkey lifted off of his back.

“I’m very proud of our football team,” Linehan said. “I’m certain not many people gave this football team much of a chance going on the road, with the way we’d started our year. For obvious reasons, I don’t blame them.”

But with the way you started the second half of the year, I think people will give you a chance.

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