Week 11 Rankings Central: Me and Z Agree

Aright so I was compiling my personal week 11 power rankings that wer’e going to use in our new segment on Fourth and Inches Radio Show over at MVN Radio. My partner on the show and best friend Jimmy DiFalco brought up the excellent idea of doing weekly power rankings. When it came to the Rams, it was obvious where they should go in my mind. I put them at number 29 overall, considering the boost this club got with the win.

-Of course, I wasn’t surprised to see that Dr. Z put the Rams at 29 because they finally got off the schnide, and so why not put them in the top 30? Z talks about the rivalry that is Rams Saints, if there is one. He mentions how there haven’t been any historic meetings between the two. This is perfect use of saracasm because of course history was made last week. (The Rams won)

-ESPN says the Rams are still not good enough for the twenties as the put St. Louis at 30 in the ranks. They use a joke to display how meaningless the win is to the team and the NFL for that matter, talking about how the win is accredited to the Rams equipment staff who according to the Post Dispatch visited a voodoo queen the night before the game.

-Fox Sports loves us as St. Louis is ranked 28 out of 32. By far the highest af any website I’ve seen so far. Yet again, another joke is cracked. Fox told me that there were two things that happened with the Rams win on Sunday: The Dolphins are the only winless team left and survivor pools across the country just got a little more interesting.

-Another site called Sports Column.com put as at 29 and said it was more thanks to the Saints.

-And finally, I have to give a little love to my own people over at MVN. They ranked the Rams as the 30th best team in the league, simply stating that this is the way we should have played all season long and that they shouldn’t have any problem beating the Niners this weekend.

Some quick injury notes:

  • Isaac Bruce practiced Wednesday after leaving last week’s game in the third quarter.
  • Brett Romberg was limited but so was Andy McCollum. He is our oldest player on the roster and Coach Linehan defended him by basically saying it was wear and tear. The guy is 37 years old.

My week 11 preview comes your way tommorow!

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