Glenn Dorsey at LSU Pro Day - Todd McShay Says "Great Fit"

Todd McShay of says that Glenn Dorsey is a “Great Fit” for the St. Louis Rams with the second pick in the 2008 NFL draft.  The below video is of Glenn Dorsey at his Pro Day work out and is from Tim Krumrie works Dorsey through some lineman drills. Word around the internet is mixed on Dorsey’s performance. He performed well but nothing off the chart. Dorsey is still thought to be the top DT in this years draft, and many think he will go in the top 5 picks.
Stats from
DL Glenn Dorsey (6-1 ¾, 297): Ran the 40 in 5.13 and 5.12, had a 25 ½-inch vertical jump, 8-foot, 4-inch long jump, 4.80 short shuttle, 7.52 cone drill, and ran position drills. Scouts like his long arms, which measured 35 ¼ inches. Former NFL player Tim Krumrie ran the workout and he has a reputation of running lineman pretty hard… but he couldn’t break Dorsey, who looked very good.

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    The Love Adventure of Atotumaus

    By: Kelsey Trevino & Glenn Farina

    Once in the city of Athens, Ancient Greece, lived a strong BUT miniature demigod named Atotumaus the son of Ares. He led the people called the dwarves. To his group of half men he was a giant god, a man admired by many men. He was told he was a demigod at birth and has been overwhelmed by the sound of it. He was the only dwarf good looking enough to marry the Goddess Acrobataus (but he was still pretty ugly). Once he got this woman she gave birth to his first son Purse. His son was a coward and a bully to the dwarf children. Even though Purse was twice the human size he was afraid to do any wrong doing to the children of Athens.

    One day Atotumaus was notified about the Trojan War. He just chuckled because he knew he could wipe out every Trojan in the world just by himself. So he put on his armor and gathered his men, then started off to the war leaving his family and his kingdom behind, not knowing about his journey ahead. He went to the boats with tears in his eyes because he knew he would miss the wine.

    Half way to Troy the crew was running out of supplies so they stopped at another island of Greece. Little did they know that that was the island Zeus had made for his daughter Uptitan. She was the Goddess of jealousy, gossip, and rudeness. While the men were gathering fruit they stumbled upon a huge gold castle with purple and black JEWELS. The men came back and told Atotumaus about the castle. Atotumaus told the men that it should be he to explore the castle because he thought he was the strongest. He knocked on the door and a young woman named Uptitan answered the door. She told Atotumaus to come in. When he went inside he smelled the sweet flagrance of wine and he drooled all over the woman’s clean stone floor. The woman scolded him and said “don’t you even want to no my name? I am the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen and you don’t deserve me! Look at this, you drooled all over my floor you slob. Well, don’t just stand there say something.” Atotumaus was too distracted by the wine to even notice the woman. “May I have some wine” said Atotumaus. “Wine? Wine! You see the most beautiful thing in the world and you want wine? I am a goddess for your information and Zeus is my father.” Said Uptitan. “I am so sorry, I am a traveler and a warrior, and it has been so long since I have had wine (even though it had only been 3 days).”
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    “Sure! I’m starving and sober!” Atotumaus replied.
    After dinner Atotumaus was so tired and drunk he passed out. This is exactly what Uptitan wanted to happen so she cast a spell on him to love her and forget about the war and his family and just love her.

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    “Hello, we’ve been married for six months. Sometimes I don’t even think you care about our marriage.” said Uptitan.
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    “Baby, I thought you wanted to be married to me? Oh, and your men are fine I am keeping them in the horse stalls.” said Uptitan.
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    On the sh