Where In The World Is Waldo (Chris Long)?

I know that only three 2008 1st round NFL draft picks have signed a contract with their teams. However those three were the #1,3, and 4 picks in the draft. Dollar amounts range from 58-70 million so you should already have a feel for what you are going to pay Chris Long. The 2008 St. Louis Rams training camp will open on July 24th (17 days from now) in Concordia College in Mequon, Wisconsin. The Rams coming off of a terrible season and already with a question mark, not knowing how many games they will get out of Orlando Pace this year, need Chris Long, and need him there to start camp. It may be too early to panic, but with this franchise nothing is a certainty. Chris Long being the son of Howie Long should be a pros pro, so hopefully this deal will get done soon. Are you worried? let us know.

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