St. Louis Rams Claude Wroten Suspended For 2008 Season

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Claude Wroten was suspended Wednesday for the entire 2008 NFL season for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy again. I don’t think anyone is really surprised by this. I for one am glad that we got this out of the way early. Now we know we will not be able to rotate Wroten in on the D-line, he will not be able to play at all. In the past Wroten was charged with possession with intent to distribute (charge later dropped), he was caught with marijuana in his car prior to the 2006 NFL draft, and he also later failed a drug test at the NFL combine. I think Claude has used up his three strikes with the St. Louis Rams and should be cut. Sure this is a waste of another pretty high draft pick but the Rams showed with their character picks in the 2008 NFL draft that they intend to attempt to upgrade their roster with “good people”. As Dixie would say it is time to “pull the weeds”, or as we are saying “take out the trash!”

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