The Latest St. Louis Rams Power Rankings

Well NFL training camps are upon us so it is time to provide you with the latest NFL Power Rankings as well. Below you will find the latest St. Louis Rams Power Rankings. These are the latest NFL Power Rankings from the top NFL sites on the net. We would love the hear from you and where you think the Rams should be ranked.

ESPN #26 – Getting LT Orlando Pace healthy — and keeping him that way — must rank as the Rams’ top priority heading into training camp and the season.

CBS Sports #22 – It’s all about health for the Rams. If they can stay healthy, which they didn’t last season, they could be a significantly better team than in 2007.

SI #29 – Look on the bright side: I talked to a personnel guy the other day who said, “Chris Long was the top player on our board. The Rams have no idea what a great player they’re getting.” I like the Long pick because he’ll be driven every-day he is on this planet to prove his legions of doubters wrong.

Walterfootball #28 – That said, I think Long was the right pick. The Rams should actually be able to get pressure on opposing quarterbacks now. As for protecting Marc Bulger from breaking 20 ribs this season? Well, that’s another story.

USA Today #23 – Avoiding the injuries is key. But the Rams have the tools to be a major factor.

Bleacher Report # 28 – Nobody expected the Rams to be that horrible last year, but it’s hard to think they’ll do much better. They have the ingredients … but do they have the cookbook?

Football Jabber #27 – Time to see if the Rams can return to top offensive force with Al Saunders.

NFL Mocks #26 – Last year was just embarrasing for a team I thought could be very successful in 2007. Instead I watched them start poorly and struggle the entire year. I don’t expect that to happen again, and neither do Rams fans.

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