We Say Sign Three Nine

Steven Jackson has now been a hold out for eleven days. Steven Jackson has now racked up $165,000 in fines! This is starting to get serious and it looks like the St. Louis Rams will stay true to their word of not negotiating with Steven until he enters camp. Jackson will almost certainly be forced to come to camp this week since players under contract must report at least 30 days before the first regular-season game or they forfeit a season of NFL seniority. With the Rams opening the season Sept. 7 at Philadelphia, Jackson must report by Friday or risk losing a year toward unrestricted free agency. It could be bad news if the Rams let this play out until Jackson is forced to come to camp. If Jackson starts the season without a new long term contract I do not think things will play out well. Jackson is going to get paid, and if not by the Rams than someone else.

We say sign three nine!!!!

I would like to point out to fans that you never miss what you have until it is gone. For those of you that are tired of Steven Jackson I would like you to watch the Steven Jackson video below. At 6′-2″ and 230 pounds Steven Jackson is a rare explosive power back. Jackson is only 25 years old and already is close to 6000 total yards in his career. You don’t drive away a feature back, you sign him!

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  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    this is why i’m pissed as a cowboy fan, and why i hated fatass bill parcells. we needed jax in that draft and we passed on him because fatass did’nt like his character. well fatass is in miami, trading jason taylor because he’s a bigger star than the one thats on fatass’s ass cheeck. he let emmitt smith go so he could have total control of the team. jax could have been our back and we would have damn well paid him. we take care of our star players, and we win because of it. people say we are bying a championship in dallas. are we??????? our are we just taking care of the star players that will bring one. there’s a difference, but it’s just because it’s dallas and we’re on the public scrutiny more. but if the rams don’t bring jax’s contract up to par, yes you guys wiil lose him. your lucky you got him in the draft in the first place. i know i would have drafted him in a heart beat and centered my whole team around him. but thats why i’m not a general manager like fatass parcells

  • Stlvinnie

    Wow Dave from D blasting the tuna. I thought everyone had a love fest with the tuna. Nice to know. We definately need Steven Jackson in camp so hopefully that will pull out their wallet soon.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    you bet your ass you do!!!!!!!!!!! look at what teams like sandiego have in tomlinson, philly in westbrook, minn in peterson……etc……when your rb is the center and focus of your offence then pay him as such. sandy and minn did so. you can’t fault oakland for couchin up that money. philly had better do so or there done……and so should you guys with jax. i told you how i feel about jax. in my opinion he was the best rb to come out in the draft that year. we needed a back to build our ground game with and solidify our OFF. so we trade down on the jax pick and end up with julius jones??????what the FUCK??????????? you wonder why i can’t stand fatass?????? i don’t think he’s as great as people perceive. he did’nt draft jax cus he did’nt like his character. he moved emmitt smith out of dallas, he traded jason taylor from miami……he has the idea to be the biggest fish in town when he comes to an organization, therefore needs to rid himself of anybody that stands in his way. fat fuck!!!!!!! he’s egotistical—all about parcells, it ain’t about the team it’s about him……hate him…..fatass, glad he’s gone, you know why, remember all the press conf. he had????always about him, not the cowboys, and he could’nt stand the limelite owens received when he came to dallas, it was’nt a thing HE could control…..so he packed up his toys like a pissed off little kid and left…..thats the way I see it. as for jax; pay em or lose em,   and you guys can’t afford the latter

  • http://www.stlouisramfan.com Stlvinnie

    We Say Sign Three Nine