We Made It To The Show Rams Preview On Yardbarker!

Thats right thanks to our parent company, Fan-Sided Blogs, Ramblin’fan was able to post our new 2008 St. Louis Rams team preview for all to see. All 32 NFL teams previews can be found  exclusively on Yard Barker. Are we drinking the kool-aid or just talking smack, you decide here are some of the quotes:


I am very proud to be part of our network, all of the writers did a hell of an excellent job.  Please, click here to preview the upcoming season courtesy of Yard Barker and the writers of our Fan Sided Blog Network!




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  • PackerFred

    A 10-6 record for the Packers is not a pipe dream or a kool aid binge. If Rodgers survives till 10/26 (after the Cowboys and Colts games), the team will make the playoffs with Rodgers at the helm.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    ok stl vinnie, you gotta help me out here, man. i’m the #10 pick in the fantasy league i’m drafting this weekend, the 17th. the guy that picks 4 just offered me a deal to move up to the 4 spot. he goes to #10 and comes back with my 2nd round pick, and we swap 4th rnders to move up. i think i might be able to land the barbarian at 10 he thinks he’ll be gone by then. #1 is tomlinson   #2 is peterson   #3 is westbrook    and i’d be #4……can’t take brady….hate em….i’d take jacked up right here if i knew the sob was coming to camp or at least going to sign!!!!!! hep me!!!! what the hell is goin on with him?????? please stlvinne…..hep me

  • Stlvinnie

    There really is no word on Jackson. I believe they will not play well tonight and he will use that to bargain a deal next week. If the Rams do not sign him before the season he will still play, I can’t see him sittng out the year. However he will then play with an attitude and will that be good or bad who knows. Jackson will not be there at #10. For fantasy if I were you I would probably stay at 10 but it depends on how many teams are in the league. If you don’t like the backs left at #10 (you may be able to get Frank Gore or Larry Johnson) you can always go with Moss at #10 and then a good back at #xx like Lynch or Ryan Grant. If you do get Gore or Jackson at #10 then you may be able to get Moss or Braylon Edwards in the 2nd round to go with him. It always depends on the amount of teams for me. If you are in a 14 or 16 team league I would go RB RB from the #10 spot. If you are in a 10 or 12 team league you can gamble more on the RBs. 

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i’m 10 in a 14 man. i am leaning on taking moss. he’s maybe worth 16-20 tds???? 1300 yds????? thats better than any back at that point. i figure if i’m going to see all the top teer backs gone, i sure the hell won’t let the #1 wr get by me. i still can come back with a decent starting back. i think your right, i’m stayin at 10. hey thanks for the insider info and the fantasy advice. us “real” fans gotta stay tight. thanks man.

  • Stlvinnie

    Your Welcome
    I drafted #12 in a 16 team draft and had the same decision. I only had 90 seconds and did not expect that position so I could not decide but went with Clinton Portis, I wanted to click on a WR but did not. Us “real” fans will stick together.

  • Stlvinnie


    Your worries are over. Steven jackson is flying into town as we speak and will be in St. Louis by tomorrow. He will still be a top 5 pick in most fantasy drafts.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    yeah, my brother the ram fan just called me and screamed in the phone for about 10 minutes about, well i’m not sure, and then said go rams and hung up. i figure i’ll call him back by sat. we draft in another league sat. nite. he drafts #2 and he just looks at everyone and keeps chanting, “jacked up baby, jacked up.” so i’m pretty sure he’s taking jackson #2. i pick 12 in that league. we have 12 in the league, so i again must wait. i’m leaning now on taking romo and owens back to back and run the way of the nfl and go rb-by-commitee with my 3rd and4th rnd picks?????? those backs go so fast, but look at who the leading scorers were in most leagues last year. the qb. our league gives 6pnts for td passes and most of the rankings are based on 4pnts for pass td. so i don’t think alot of our guys in the league take that into consideration. they like to listen to the pronosticators. i do my research. good luck, portis should be fine if he stays healthy, which is the case for everyone.