Was Steven Jackson Missing Training Camp?

Scott Linehan: Looks like you’ve been missing a lot of camp lately.

Steven Jackson: I wouldn’t say I’ve been *missing* it, Scott.

Steven Jackson is back at Rams Park after signing a six-year, $44 million contract, ending a 27-day holdout, and was on the field for practice with the St. Louis Rams on Thursday. Are you surprised that a star player did not want to attend training camp? What are your thoughts about Steven skipping a couple of weeks of practice? Do you believe it will effect his play on the field? Other star running backs have not seen much action in the preseason are they more prepared than Jackson from just doing drills in camp? I love that the media says he is not in football shape, do they think LT is getting rocked by Shawn Merriman in practice?

  • LT 0 carries for 0 yards
  • Brian Westbrook 5carries for 14 yards
  • Adrian Peterson 8 carries for 30 yards
  • Larry Johnson 22 carries for 79 yards

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