Steven Jackson MRI Results

The St. Louis Rams have reported that the results of the Steven Jackson’s MRI on Monday revealed “a slight strain.” Yesterday some reports said that Jackson heard a pop, others said it was a slight bruise, and Marc Bulger stated that Jackson appeared to be in quite a bit of pain. Coming off our biggest win in over a year and a half this is great news for the Rams. The New England Patriots will be coming off a short week after playing Monday night against the Denver Broncos. In addition to being without Tom Brady they will also be without Laurence Maroney who was placed on injured reserve with a shoulder injury. Jackson will probably not practice very much this week so he can hopefully heal and be ready for the game against New England.

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  • http://MusketFire Matt

    I’m hoping that Jackson can play on Sunday I don’t want any excuses as to why the Rams will most likely lose to the Patriots.  It should be a good game, I like the turn around the Rams have had since the firing.  Beating the Cowboys is PRICELESS!  But beating the Patriots even without Tom Brady, Maroney and Harrison sorry that’s not going be happening this weekend.  Let’s go New England!

  • Chris Uppercut

    Chowder-heads are still drunk from the Super Bowl loss.

    Pats have beat one team that’s now over .500, and it was the Broncos. Kudos.  

    Rams will continue to dismantle any aerial attack and officially break Matt Cassell’s hymen by the half.

    Remember when all the spoiled, slack-jawed Pats fans were shuffling out of Gillette Stadium against the Dolphins? They’ll be doing the same but also holding up their pants on the way out because the Rams are coming in and spanking their pasty white Boston asses. Believe that. 

  • Stlvinnie

    Hey Matt

    Rams fans say “bite me!” Nobody likes the Pats are the Sox. What kind of name is that the Sox? I would like nothing better than see the Rams take it to your Unabomber sideline genius. Bill is the biggest tool on the planet. Hey if the fish can take it to you who knows what might happen on Sunday.

  • http://MusketFire Matt

    LMAO wow was that your original thought or did all the Rams fans come togather to create that one.  That’s pathetic just like the Rams offense has been for the majority of the season.  I’m more upset I can’t get back the 30 seconds of my life that I wasted in reading those comments.  Come on Rams fans bring it on and remember after my Patriots demolish you on Sunday….I told you so, that it would happen.  Bulger is to old, Holt is a non factor in the factor and Jackson I’m sure will pull his groin or a hammy on game day and whimper to the sideline like a baby. Oh and by the way if memory serves me correctly didn’t the SOX SWEEP the Cardinals and party on your home field with the World Series trophy!  I think they did….let’s check the tape and refresh everyone’s mind!  The Pats will do the same, dance after another New England victory on Sunday!

    Matt – MusketFire

  • Harvey Bastardson

    bah, you are just pissed that your “2008 Patriots 19-0″ shirt doesn’t fit anymore.

  • KickAssRAMSfan

    Hey! Matt-Misfire

    Was that you I saw video taping the last RAMS practice?


  • Kurtster

    Matt, in case you’ve missed it, the Rams’ personality has been completely transformed. They had been unwilling to compete. Now they have a killer instinct.

    Bulger has something to prove. He’s bouncing back from sacks.

    And I invite the Pats to challenge Atogwe. He’s been picking every pass on his radar.

  • Kurtster

    Matt, in case you’ve missed it, the Rams’ personality has been completely transformed. They had been unwilling to compete. Now they have a killer instinct.

    Bulger has something to prove. He’s bouncing back from sacks.

    And I’d like to invite the Pats to challenge Atogwe often. He’s looking for a pick every time a pass shows up on his radar.

  • Sammy

    Hey Matt,
    Pretty big talk for a guy who roots for a team that has no real QB or RB. Guess you haven’t seen the past 2 game dork, this is not the same team, but then again you’ll find out Sunday. Hope your DB’s have pads on their backs so when Jackson runs them over it won’t leave too many bruises.

  • Tom Brady

    I don’t know Matt I think these other guys really have made some valid points.  I’m not sure if you were watching earlier this season when the Pats got smoked by the Dolphins (sorry Ricky Williams…no pun intended) and in game one they barely escaped the Chiefs.  Going into this game I would prefer to be the underdog as we all saw how it worked for the Giants last year.  You can keep talking all you want because the way I see it is if they beat the Rams then football fans everywhere will view it as a win over a team that has a winning percentage of .333 this season.  And if they lose…well then the Patriots have yet again lost to a team that has a winning percentage of less than .500 at the time of the game.  Either way I am just happy that the Patriots will not be going on to the Super Bowl this year.

  • Brian

    Didnt u guys get stomped by the fish. Hmmmm. U dont impress me and after last week, I seen our  team come together and play like we used to. I see better things in our future so watch your step. BRING IT ON. The NE PATHETICS R Going DOWN!!!