Rams vs. Jets 2nd Quarter Update

Rams Jets 2nd Quarter Update

  • The second quarter starts just like the first. The Jets get the easiest 4th down conversion you have ever seen. On 4th and 2 Favre hits Keller for 8 yards nobody is within 5 yards of Keller.
  • Fakhir drops a easy interception near the goal line. Of course the Jets make the Rams pay for another mistake as Thomas Jones scored from 2 yards out two plays later. 24-0 Jets
  • Kenneth Darby fumbles the ball away, however the Rams are saved by a questionable holding penalty on the Jets
  • Donnie Jones has again been the Rams best player. Jones has punted 3 times in the first 20 minutes f play for a 50.3 yard average.
  • The Jets take advantage of the short field to tack on another field goal 27-0.
  • The Rams best play of the day, a 14 yard pass to Stanley ends in another Rams fumble their third of the day.
  • Jason Craft drops another interception. I don’t want to hear about how hard the D plays they can’t even catch! Jets tack on another FG and the route is on 30-0.
  • Bulger throws a ball while spinning around and it ends in a pick. Luckily Pittman hustled down field to make a tackle or it would have been a pick six.
  • I am tired of all the Bulger excuses. He is out there to save himself. He threw that ball trying to not get hit, and threw it into double coverage. Unless he has a perfect pocket and wide open receiver he can’t complete a pass.
  • Keller catches another TD pass from Favre as he had about 6 seconds to throw the pass. Jets lead 37-0.
  • The Rams continue to let up 30+ points when they play on the road. Today they managed to do it in the first 30 minutes of the game!
  • Another Darby fumble as the Rams are just trying to run the clock out. Here is a tip just kneel down!
  • The Jets have time for a 7 yard drive and a 55 yard field goal attempt. It’s Good! 40-0.
  • You have got to be kidding me. No team in the NFL has play a half that bad in a while. It is 40-0! Kenneth Darby has fumbled twice on just four carries that may be why he was not on a roster. Thomas Jones has 107 yards rushing at half time. The Rams have fumbled three times, been intercepted once, and sacked twice. The Rams have five first downs. If you can’t run the ball why not try 3 wides and the shotgun every play. Well it’s too late now. Everyone go grab a drink before the second half.

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