Kenneth Darby Tackled By Referee

Kenneth Darby, was tackled by referee Garth DeFelice during Sunday’s 17-16 loss against the San Francisco 49ers. Darby at 5-10 and 210 pounds was leveled by DeFelice on the play. Lucky for me I was there to see it live since the St. Louis Rams were once again blacked out. It was hard to believe that our running back was knocked flat on his back my an unarmed referee. Rams fans have seen many things this year but this was a first. Darby was a 7th round draft pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2007. Darby has produced 294 total yards so far after being picked up by the Rams. This is another example of how the Rams need to be bigger, stronger, and faster in 2009.

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