A Fans Most Dreaded day

Today is every fans most dreaded day. Today is the day the St. Louis Rams 2008 season will come to an end. Fans of 20 NFL teams will all experience this today. Only one team of the 32 will not experience a day like today. Die-hard football fans all dread this day. This is the day when there is no “wait till next week”. Women never seem to understand the significance of this day for us men. We live for Sunday and now it will be momentarily shut down and taken away from us. Sure we can watch all of the playoff games leading up to the biggest sporting event on the globe, the Superbowl, but it is never the same once your team is eliminated.

However do not fret. As we all know the NFL is a journey much like the road to the Stanley Cup. For us true fans we all know that the end is actually just the beginning. The NFL season never ends for us. In January and February we can look forward to a search for a new Head Coach. In February and March fans of every NFL team will be watching and waiting for their team to pick up a key free agent who can put their team over the top or just bring them hope. In March and April we will all analyze the 2009 NFL Draft with the hope of drafting a franchise player, our savior. During the summer there is mini-camp stories and the signing of the draft picks. Once July hits you can feel it, the hot summer sun takes us into Training Camp when every team once again believes they can go 16-0. August will bring Preseason games, when we win we feel our squad turning the corner, when we lose well it is just preseason. Then comes the day in early September when it all starts over, like a new toy we come alive with excitement.

So don’t worry the end is truly just the beginning. Will 2009 be our turn?

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