Stlvinnie’s 2009 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

Created 1/1/09

This will be the first of many version of our 2009 NFL Mock Draft. Don’t get too upset too early. Remember much of the order will change after the playoffs. In addition free agency will start soon and many teams are still without a head coach. So take this for exactly what it is, a conversation started, and a way to stat kicking some ideas around on how every team can improve prior to the 2009 NFL season. Thanks for checking this one out, feel free to make some comments and look for the latest versions probably weekly.

# Team Pick
1 Detroit Lions
QB Matt Stafford, Georgia – The Lions are in major need of a franchise QB. Stafford will not be the sexy pick here, however he is the most ready for the NFL like Matt Ryan.
2 St. Louis Rams
WR Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech – The Rams really wanted Jake Long last year so everything points to them taking Andre Smith. However I love the idea of getting a top play maker and a replacement for Tory Holt. Pace and Barron still have a year left on their contract.
3 Kansas City Chiefs
DE Brian Orakpo, Texas – The Chiefs had only 10 sacks for the entire year. Time to line up a stud like Orakpo next to Glenn Dorsey. The time is now for the Chiefs to rebuild their porous defense
4 Seattle Seahawks
OT Andre Smith, Alabama – With Crabtree off the board the Seahawks will take Andre Smith to be the eventual replacement for Walter Jones.
5 Cleveland Browns
RB Chris Wells, Ohio State – The Browns were just awful on offense. It is time to get rid of the Jamal Lewis experiment. Wells will be a welcomed addition to this teams, and one the fans will love. They could also go with Malcolm Jenkins another Buckeye.
6 Cincinnati Bengals
OT Michael Oher, Mississippi – The Bengals could go lots of ways with this pick. I would love to see them pick up Aaron Curry or Rey Maualuga, but they have to start protecting their QBs so I am going with Oher here.
7 Oakland Raiders
WR Jeremy Maclin, Missouri – Al Davis loves athletes and he will get one here with Maclin. The Raiders are simply unable to throw the ball. We could go with a Tackle here but the Raiders need receivers.
8 Jacksonville Jaguars
OT Eugene Monroe, Virginia – The run on tackles will continue. The Jags need a lot of help but they can start by repairing and upgrading their lines.
9 Green Bay Packers
DE Michael Johnson, Georgia Tech – The Packers need to build their pass rush back up to help their secondary.
10 San Francisco 49ers
QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma – Sam falls all the way down to the 49ers and they will snap him up. With Mike Martz gone it is time to start over with this offense. Singletary will run the D and the O will get a fresh start with a franchise QB in Bradford.
11 Buffalo Bills
OLB Aaron Curry, Wake Forest – The Bills can’t pass up Curry here. They can play him next to POZ. They also need a DE but they can create pass pressure by getting Curry as well. Curry is just too good to fall further.
12 Denver Broncos
MLB Rey Maualuga, USC – Denver needs to find a way to stop the run. They can fill that need with Maualuga. Denver could also go with a DE at this possition.
13 Washington Redskins
DE Everette Brown, Florida State – Washington was 28th in points scored and 23rd in passing offense. They are very careful with the ball. However there really is no receiver worthy of #13 so time to upgrade their pass rush.
14 New Orleans Saints
CB Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State – The Saints were 23rd against the pass and need to upgrade their secondary. They can not pass on Jenkins at #14. If Jenkins is gone Vontae Davis from Illinois would also be a nice pick up.
15 Houston Texans
SS Taylor Mays, USC – If Mays lasts until #15 the Texans will run to the podium. With a real hammer at the back end the Texans can be a real force in 2009.
*The order of the following teams could change based on the playoffs.
16 San Diego Chargers
OG Duke Robinson, Oklahoma – The Chargers may lose Mike Goff in free agency and if they do Duke would be a great pick for them. The Chargers are loaded so they could go in any direction. You can never have too many lineman or players named Duke.
17 New York Jets
ILB James Laurinaitis, Ohio State – A blue collar player for a blue collar team. The fans will love Laurinaitis. This is another spot Vontae Davis could go as well. J.E.T.S. Jets Jets Jets
18 Chicago Bears
CB Vontae Davis, Illinois – Well we can’t let Davis get past the Bears can we? The Bears really could use Jason Smith the OT out of Baylor here but no way can I let an Illinois player get past Da Bears.
19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
RB Knowshon Moreno, Georgia – With question marks all around Dunn and Williams, Moreno is a nice pick here. Gruden would love to rebuild the running game.
20 Detroit Lions
(9-7, Pick via Cowboys)
OT Jason Smith, Baylor – If Smith on the board they can protection for Stafford and finish off a great first round of a draft for the first time in a long time. Here come the Lions!
21 Arizona Cardinals
ILB  Brandon Spikes, Florida – The Cardinals need a stud RB but you do not have to draft one in the first round for them to be successful. I love the Cardinals getting Spikes at this spot. The Cardinals will continue to fly to the ball in 2009.
22 Philadelphia Eagles
OT Eben Britton, Arizona – With Runyan and Thomas as older free agents the Eagles will need more lineman which is what Reid loves to pick. I would love for the Eagles to take Gresham or Pettigrew.
23 Minnesota Vikings
C Max Unger, Oregon – This assumes that the Vikings will lose Matt Birk in free agency. If they do not I like the Vikings taking Percy Harvin. The Vikings really really need a QB but it would be a real reach to draft one in this spot.
24 New England Patriots
OLB Brian Cushing, USC – As usual the Patriots fall right in it. With a lot of the players on D getting to social security it is time for another valuable piece like Cushing to play next to Mayo.
25 Atlanta Falcons
DT B.J. Raji, Boston College – Raji will be a great fl time replacement for Grady Jackson. The Falcons could use Pettigrew, Gresham, or Coffman here but they will look for a big TE later in the draft.
26 Miami Dolphins
WR Percy Harvin, Florida – Miami played way over their head in 2008. I expect a down year in 2009 but they are improved. They have a lot of areas without stars but manage to get the job done. I would like to see the fins get a big receiver but a play maker like Harvin can’t hurt.
27 Baltimore Ravens
DE/OLB/ILB Clint Sintim, Virginia – I can believe Baltimore will be able to hold on to Lewis, Scott, and Suggs. Sintim is a perfect replacment and a player that can play all over the field.
28 Indianapolis Colts
DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma – If McCoy does not come out I believe Peria Jerry will be the Colts pick in this selection.
29 Philadelphia Eagles
(12-4; Pick via Panthers)
FS/SS William Moore, Missouri – The Eagles will get ready to replace Dawkins with another thumper. “Dawk” can groom him to be his replacement or “Dawk” may retire if the Eagles win it all.
30 Pittsburgh Steelers
OT Ciron Black, LSU – Pittsburgh will start to rebuild their O-line. I also like Herman Johnson from LSU at this spot to play OG.
31 New York Giants
WR Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland – With Buress a question mark with the Giants I think they need a WR here. They could also use another linebacker or corner.
32 Tennessee Titans
TE Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma – A lot of things will change for Tennessee before the draft so this is a hard one. Since the best TE is still on the board at #32 we are going to snap him up here.

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  • Brett

    I think your way off with the Lions, ultimately their first pick will grately depend on the coach that they get but i truly believe mayhew will get this right and not take a quaterback with the first pick. Not because he is good but because he was a part of making that mistake before. The offense of the lions is horrible at times but with a rejuvinated run game i think the lions can afford to and have to go defense and offensive line the whole draft. Maybin the kid from penn-state or andre smith would be a better pick at 1 and at 20 i would look for them to go with brandon spikes or top available defensive player.

  • Jim

    QB is always the sexy pick, no matter what the comment on the Lions says. I agree with Brett. The Lions should desparately stay away from drafting a QB. None are drop dead for sure QBs, and none rated as high as Ryan last year. The Lions should concentrate mainly on defense and get some offensive line help if possible. Smith is an awesome run blocker, but pass blocking may be questionable. Oher is athletic but questionable in character. Lions go defense on 1st pick and if they feel Backus incapable at LT, then use the 2nd 1st rounder for LT. If he can hang on, go defense again. 

  • Tim

    If the Lions pass on a QB at the top, there is a very good chance one will free fall to them at 20.

  • Kevin Ferguson

    ^ This!

    I think taking a QB first overall would be an out and out disaster (not that the team already isn’t in ‘disaster’ status). The needs for tackles and defense are so outstanding that any QB would fail to succeed on our team.
    The QB talk on radio and in print here is heavy though; fans want the glitz and the glamor and the Lions want to sell tickets and jerseys. Of course there is the possibility that this is an elaborate rouse… Aside from Cinci, the Browns and perhaps the Raiders, can you say that any of the other top ten teams are married to their QB? If you can get someone to fall in love at the combine and convince them you are going to take them, perhaps you can fleece them and stretch the draft up just a little more.

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  • Chicago Pride

    You don’t see an Illinois player getting past us, huh? Have you forgotten a certain Illini RB that we passed on just last year?

  • shelbo da rappa

    Eagles are in the playoffs so their first pick won’t be at #22. Also, I think they either take gresham or pettigrew in the first round depending on which drops to us.

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  • jim resnick

    Ramblin’ Fan,

    I like the idea of picking the best skilled player in the draft, Crabtree, with the 2nd overall pick.  This draft is very deep in OT’s and the Rams can certainly get a good one with their pick in the second round.  I am a Rams PSL holder and a die hard Rams fan.  Jim

  • Stlvinnie

    Welcome Jim

    After watching the Senior Bowl yesterday I do not believe there is a QB worthy of that first pick. I think the Lions may take Andre Smith. Oher did not impress me yesterday and Mayok said he shuldgo anywhere from 8 to 15 in the draft. Jason Smith from Baylor is entertaining ut at #2? Crabtree still seems to have the best value if we stay at #2.

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  • Johnny Tucker

     i think the rams should take crabtree. then the should draft a OT in the 2nd round.