Wonderlic Test Scores Announced

Some Wonderlic test scores have made their way out onto the internet. Props to Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune for breaking the news today. The biggest news of the scores released was Matt Stafford scoring 38 of a possible 50 on the test. I still do not understand way people are not higher on Stafford. This kid has it all. I believe the QB class seems so weak that teams and fans are taking that out on Matt Stafford. It is not Matt’s fault the QB class is weak. People are going out of their way to tell you how great Mark Sanchez is. He has only played 16 games in the NCAA with an elite team that over matches their opponent weekly, how can he even be in the same class as Stafford, at this point? For the most point people seem to only remember the worst scores every year. This year Percy Harvin pops out with a 12, along with Rey Maualuga’s 15. Andre Smith the huge tackle from Alabama scored a 17 which will not improve his stock. Smith has been dropping down the boards. Scores from other big name players like Aaron Curry have not been released yet. Will these scores affect the Rams first round pick, probably not but you never know. Michael Crabtree scored a 15 and Jason Smith scored a fairly strong 23. Local product, and future NFL star Jeremy Maclin scored a 25. Maclin could be a surprising top 5 pick by the time the draft comes around.

Take a sample Wonderlic test here:

What are your thoughts?

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  • http://www.myspace.com/rgcxo gijoe66

    What do you think about the rams drafting a strong OL in the first round then if still available some one like Juaquin Iglesias in the second, he’s not the perfect receiver but I think he’s got some pretty good potential.  I got a 45 on the Wonderlic test btw.

  • http://www.stlouisramfan.com Stlvinnie

    Hey gijoe
    That could be a good plan however the Rams WR core is very young I don’t know if they will get away with just adding a rookie. I think they will still pick up a vet prior to the season. People are leaning towards Curry now but I don’t know what their plans are. I think Spagnuolo would prefer OL and DL to start with and rebuild from there.