Keenan Burton

Sorting Out the Receivers

I’m going to be honest with you, the Rams aren’t exactly what you would call “loaded” when it comes to the receiver position. A year ago Rams fans everywhere watched Isaac Bruce sign with the enemy, the San Francisco 49ers. If that wasn’t bad enough, the release of Torry Holt certainly provided the bitter and disgusting cherry on top. Where does that leave the Rams?

Basically, it leaves the Rams with a roster full of no names and a large hole in an already less than spectacular offense. Currently, here is the list of receivers competing for a roster spot:

-Nate Jones
-Brooks Foster
-Tim Carter
-Ronald Curry
-Jarrett Byers
-Derek Stanley
-Keenan Burton
-Donnie Avery
-Laurent Robinson
-Sean Walker

Not exactly Greatest Show On Turf part 2 is it? It appears the Rams go to receiver is going to be Donnie Avery who turned out to be a most pleasant surprise last season. My only problem with this however is that Avery has a whole lot to learn when it comes to route running. Last year he was solely a burner, which is perfectly fine when you have a receiver like Torry Holt there to distract the secondary. This year though he has no big playmaker to ease the pressure and therefore you can expect to see more shadowing on Avery, specifically over the top to take away the deep ball. If Avery does eventually develop his route running skills, it is not too crazy to think he may be a star some day. As for now though, he needs some playmakers around him.

So who fills in the other spots? It appears Curry and Burton will have the upper hand heading into training camp. Curry is the most experienced of the bunch and Burton emerged late last year as a reliable receiver despite being slowed by a knee injury. Watching the other 4 or 5 receiver spots get filled should be very interesting. Derek Stanley appears to be fully recovered and all of these new, young faces present a particularly intriguing position battle to follow at this years training camp.

My prediction for the WR position

Starters: Donnie Avery, Keenan Burton
Slots: Ronald Curry, Derek Stanley
Final Spots: Laurent Robinson, Brooks Foster, and Tim Carter

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  • Clara Patton

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  • Shelby

    I’m going to be honest with you, the rams are gay

  • Arkyramsfan

    Good article Evan. I agree with most of what you’re are saying but I can’t see the Rams keeping 7 or even 6 WRs at this point. Also, I truly believe that, barring another injury, L. Robinson is a lock to make this team and should easily beat out the likes of D. Stanley. At any rate, keep ‘em coming!!


  • Ethan Novak

    Thanks for the comment Arkyramsfan. I really do believe the Rams will keep at least 6 just because you never know what might happen. I understand that they are a run first team now, but barring injuries, poor play, or just for flat out competition I see them keeping on 6 at the least. Besides, there isn’t a doubt in my mind the Rams will come upon a two-minute drill at least once this season.

    As far as Laurent Robinson goes, I think that he could beat out Stanley, but it is going to be a close competition. Robinson, at 6’2 and 194 lbs presents a better target for Bulger and could surprise some people. Only time will tell though, as for right now, I am going to stick with Stanley