Spags. Steve Spags. But You Can Call Him Spagnuolo

Meet Steve Spagnuolo, the head coach of the St. Louis Rams. He is a defensive genius who has found ways to shut down some of the NFL’s greatest offenses over the past couple years and he is exactly what the Rams need.  For the first time in quite a few years, the Rams have a head coach who is all about the defense (No, Jim Haslett does not count).  Mike Martz inherited an incredible defense (plus he had Lovie Smith) and when the defense started to fizzle toward the end of his coaching tenure, there was nothing Martz could do but focus on the offense more to cancel out the poor defense.  Scott Linehan; do I really need to cover the Linehan era?  It was more painful than being punched by Rampage Jackson whilst Forrest Griffin pried your eyelids open and forced you to watch “Disaster Movie”.  You know what, forget the Rampage and Forrest part, the Linehan era was worse than “Disaster Movie” (Doing everything I can to avoid the cliche’d “it was a disaster too!”), but never fear, Spags is here.  He will take control of this team and someday he’ll build a winner.  If you don’t know much about Spags, well then sit back and prepare to be educated on the guy who is going to boost your Rams back into the spotlight.

A Northrbridge, MA native, Spags played wide reciever for Springfield College and eventually moved on to the University of Massaschussetts to pursue a graduate degree.  He didn’t break into the NFL as a coach until 1999, serving as a linebacker and defensive backs coach for the Philadelphia Eagles.  In 2007, Spags was hired by the New York Giants as the defensive coordinator.  For two seasons his Giants defense reigned supreme, including shutting down the mighty  New England Patriots offense in Super Bowl XLII.  Using a 4-3 defense that revolves around blitzing from just about every angle possible, Spags started to receive a lot of attention from several teams in need of a new head coach.  It was after last season that Spags finally decided to become a head coach, accepting a 4 year, $11.5 million contract with the Rams.

So there you go, you have been educated on Steve Spagnuolo.  I’m saying it right now, Spags will bring far more energy into training camp than Linehan and this team is definitely a team to be excited about.  Even if their record does not show it, I guarantee Spags will push this team to play at its maximum capability.

Prepare to be Spagnuolified

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