Steven Jackson

Position Preview: Running Backs

This year, the Rams enter camp with the starting running back position set in stone. Everything after, however, is slightly hazy due to the surplus of RBs with a shot at becoming the backup. Lets break down the position player by player:

Steven Jackson: The Rams injury-prone starter for the last few seasons, Jackson has entered camp this year with a new attitude and optimism about the team’s chances. With his terrific mix of speed, power, and experience, the starting spot will always be his as long as health doesn’t become an issue.

Antonio Pittman: A solid backup for the Rams last season, he racked up 296 yards on 79 carries. Pittman appears to be the favorite for the backup role entering the 2009 season.

Kenneth Darby: The Rams 3rd running back last season, he compiled 140 rushings yards along with 183 receiving yards. Darby will have to earn the 3rd spot this year however with plenty of competition behind him.

Samkon Gado: A 4 year veteran with plenty of experience, Gado had a big year with Green Bay in 2005 (582 rushing yards) before slowly declining production wise (364 rushing yards since). Gado is expected to compete for the 3rd string position, but it would take a big preseason from him to unseat Darby.

Chris Ogbonnaya: The Rams 7th round pick, Ogbonnaya has been making a good impression so far in camp with his hard work and stamina. Ogbonnaya appears to be headed more towards being a special teams contributor rather than a large role in the running game, but if he surprises some people during training camp, there is no telling what could happen.


Starter- Steven Jackson
2nd String- Antonio Pittman
3rd String- Kenneth Darby
4th String/Special Teams- Chris Ogbonnaya
Hello Practice Squad- Samkon Gado

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