I'm Still Recovering

My apologies for not posting after the game last night, but after I forced myself to watch until the final buzzer to feel the full pain of everything that happened, I went straight to my room and didn’t come out until about 7 pm today. Besides, if I would have posted on here last night, it would have been nothing more than a profanity-filled tirade that probably would have gotten me banned from ever posting on the web again.

Honestly, I’m still not over the loss, but I’m going to try to keep it clean and assess the damage. Let’s look at the keys.

QB Carousel – Charlie Whitehurst started, and he got the job done. I was excited when he started the game, but that first drive really shut me up. He was pretty solid all day, and although he wasn’t great, he was good enough. In hindsight, Matt Hasselbeck probably would have been better for us because Whitehurst’s mobility played a big role in the game.

Stop The Run – This one was a big negative. The Rams did a great job against the run in the first half, but the defense just stopped tackling in the second. I don’t know if they were gassed out or what, but it was awful. I hate to rag on the defense because they carried us all season, but they just weren’t good enough in the second half.

Early Lead – Once again, a big negative. The Hawks took the opening kickoff and shoved it down our throats, and considering we never got in the end zone, it pretty much ended things. I don’t know if the Rams expected Seattle to come out and hand the ball off, but they didn’t.

The 12th Man – I don’t know how much the crowd played into things, but I do know they were rocking all night. After that first touchdown, it only seemed to get louder and crazier in that place. The Rams offense did nothing to quiet them down all night, so it’s no wonder they were so loud.

Special Teams – This was the only category I was reasonably happy with. The Rams did a good job covering Leon Washington, but it doesn’t matter when you can’t score.

The offense was terrible, the defense stopped tackling, and we pretty much embarrassed ourselves on national TV. That’s what I took out of it.

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