Rams' Coaches 'Surprised' By Brief

News broke last week the the NFL Coaches Association filed a brief with the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals siding with the players in the current labor issue, but apparently all of the league’s coaches weren’t consulted. Since the filing, several teams have come out and said they were not informed that the brief would be filed and that they do not agree with what it contained. The Rams are the latest team to do just that, as GM Billy Devaney said today that the coaching staff was “surprised by this being filed.” Devaney went on to say that “they assured me that they weren’t informed or consulted about it.”

I’m not exactly sure what to make out of all of this. The Rams are the seventh team to come forward so far in opposition of the brief, which means one of two things is happening here. Either the NFLCA leaders are doing whatever they want without consulting the members, or coaches realized very quickly that the owners, not the players, are the ones who sign their checks. I am firmly on the players’ side, but if I were a coach I wouldn’t be coming out and saying that publicly. Whatever the case, the coaches association needs to get their situation figured out, because it makes them look awfully bad when they file a brief in court and then several of its members say they had nothing to do with it. This lockout is bad e

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