Sidney Rice or Plaxico; Both?


Sorry I haven’t been posting in a while, but the lockout has nothing for me to talk about. Since the release of Plaxico Burress, I’ve been wondering which wide receiver we should sign. Sidney or Plaxico? Many are saying they want Plaxico and some say Sidney. The Rams drafting two wide receivers is making things harder. They could be the next big things but we need help now. We can wait; well we have waited too long for the playoffs. Since 2004 was the last time we were there. Now which one I like better is the thing and who can help our team to the playoffs?

Plaxico Burress- Plaxico had the 4th most touchdowns in wide receiver for 2004-2008 seasons. He is a nice red zone threat and that’s what we need. We drafted two good red zone players but with Plaxico he can help them out with that problem. PLaxico will be indoors too and he will be reunited with Coach Steve. Even though Coach Steve is a defensive coordinator you have to learn offense before you try to stop it. He will be a great add and biggest help to our offense.

Sidney Rice- He was talked to coming here for about a day or two. I still want them to be interested and him to come here. Now he is looking like a backup just in case Plaxico doesn’t come. That’s not what I want the Rams to do. He did well in his last few games but he can redeem himself with our young quarterback. Speaking of quarterback, Christian Ponder barely showed how good he was at organized practices. So if Sidney doesn’t come and resigns with Vikings, he will have a wide receiver throwing to him. Last year he barely liked that. Rewind your Favre watches because he might end up returning… Sidney has a better quarterback chance here; a young one too.  Someone he can catch from for at least a decade if he can last, not Bradford Sidney.

Both?- Now should we get both? That’s something that could happen if Davaney opens his eyes. Plaxico could come for a few years and Sidney can come for more. That’s not going to affect us that much, out line up of receiver could be Rice, Burress, Alexander, Clayton, Amendola, and Avery. That’s 6 receivers that can help us out this year. Last year was just Amendola and Gibson. Our rookie receivers won’t have that much playing time this year. I think Salas could play more than Pettis and Pettis was a waste of a pick.  Both could be doubted to come at same time but things happen.. ;)

*Look in picture two future hall of famers stands by each other. (Marshall and Deion.) Also Marshall was a Ram.*

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