SJ39 Is 38th Best Player In NFL

First of all, I want to preface this post with a couple of points before I get going. I am extremely sick, and I have been for about two days, so this is going to be short. Second, I want to be honest about the fact that I have not watched one second of the NFL Network’s Top 100 Players show. It’s not that I have something against it, but I just know that the rankings are largely going to be biased and mostly B.S.

With that being said, Rams running back Steven Jackson checked in at number 38. I have a hard time believing that you could find 37 players in the league that are better than SJ39, but like I said, I don’t put much stock in these ratings. It did get me thinking, though. Obviously we know all about Jackson, but I wonder how he is viewed in other cities. I mean, it’s not like he’s a touchdown machine. Maybe I would rank him too high because I know everything he brings to the table, but if you don’t see him every week, he might not stand out. I want to know what you all think. Where would you put Jackson on the this of Top 100 players in the league? Is 38 too high, too low, or just right? The floor is yours for discussion.

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