Darryn in Philly w Rams RB Steven Jackson

THE RAMS ROCK REPORT by Darryn - Intro & Tired of the Naysayers

My name is Darryn. I am ready to rock this blog with photos, opinions, videos, giveaways, challenges, hot girls, guest interviews, and just overall passion and unpredictability. If you love my Rams Rock Reports, you are awesome. If you hate them, you are even more awesome – just don’t be a pansy and leave, tell me why…then I will tell you why you are wrong. =) My passion for the Rams began when I moved to the Los Angeles area in 1993. The NFL Cardinals had moved out of St. Louis, so I adopted the Rams. I watched every game and always was very hopeful that they would catch fire and become an NFL powerhouse. I would then be able to give my brother grief as he followed the Cardinals to Arizona and he remains to this day a huge Big Red fan. Perhaps he is the jealous one now. They are in QB disarray and we are quite possibly on our way to becoming The Greatest Show on Turf, Volume 2. Having lived in the belly of the beast that is rock n’ roll for over 20 years, I have had the opportunity to talk NFL with some of the most passionate fans all over this country and even in Greenland when my band (On Tracy Lane) played for the US troops there. I know every NFL fan is all about their team and they aren’t supposed to like the Rams at all, but I swear every where I’ve gone we get no respect. Our previous owner Georgia Frontiere didn’t know football, the Super Bowl Rams of 1999-2001 were pansies and hated to be hit, Marc Bulger was a wuss, Kurt Warner got lucky, Dick Vermeil was too old, we cursed the franchise when we traded London Fletcher, Steven Jackson isn’t a team player, the Rams are in the NFC weak and winning that division would be an embarrassment, we choked on national TV against Seattle last year, Spagnuolo is a defense guy only, Bradford will never have anyone to throw to, etc. etc….you get the point.

Well St. Louis Rams fans, we are building something that could be even more sweet than the original Greatest Show on Turf. We have a corn-fed kid from OK that was born to do 1 thing: be an NFL Quarterback. We have an Ohio State LB that eats and breathes football. We have a solid group of receivers that could blossom very very soon. We have a stud running back that is getting very excited and motivated at the pieces being added around him. We just added another piece, that in my mind could be the biggest one, Josh McDaniels as our OC. He IS the complete antithesis to boring lame vanilla Pat Schurmur. Plus, we haven’t even done free agency yet. So I think Rams fans have a lot to be excited about. My challenge to everyone in this town? Support this budding Super Bowl contender. Lets pack the dome. Lets wear our jerseys. Let’s defend every naysayer in this town who talks smack about this team. Let’s go toe to toe with the Kevin Slatens of the town and give them an uppercut into their chubby little bandwagon faces. Lets show our billionaire part owner Stan Kroenke that he shouldn’t even think about moving this team out of St. Louis. Sam Bradford is ready to win a Super Bowl now: mentally, physically, emotionally, everything. My other challenge is to the Rams brass. PLEASE have the guts to go out and get us a veteran receiver even if he has been in jail the past 20 months. Please have the intestinal fortitude to let Josh run this offense as he desires. Let’s please do all we can to get Steven a quality backup. Speaking of that, why on earth have we not given Kenneth Darby a true shot at it? Rams brass, we can’t hold back. We have one of the toughest schedules in 2011, lets get on this NOW. Let’s have a sense of urgency. Please RAMS Brass and RAMS Fans, realize what we have here in St. Louis. Forget about the past several years. It’s time to go deep into the playoffs for years to come. Lets make my brother want to paint his face blue and gold. More on rock n’ roll and hot girls next time.

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