Sam Bradford could be “The Marshall Faulk of the Quarterback Position”

Before you think this is a quote from me, therefore crushing any validity to this statement, let me make it clear that a Super Bowl champion coach can testify to this comment.

Dick Vermeil joined Bernie Miklasz on the Bernie Miklasz Show earlier today. Most of the conversation dealt with how coaches prepare for a season during a lockout and all that edge-of-your-seat talk. Bernie then asked what every listener really wanted to hear, what did Vermeil think of Sam Bradford?

You see, earlier in the conversation, Vermeil explained how other Hall of Fame running backs have come close to being like Marshall Faulk, but none had it all like he did. So for Vermeil to say that Bradford could be the Marshall Faulk of QBs, well, that’s pretty darn impressive. I thought this was interesting because we always hear Bradford being compared to Troy Aikman or Peyton Manning. You know, other quarterbacks. The fact that Vermeil compared him to a running back such as Faulk goes beyond throwing mechanics or ability to read a blitz; it attributes Bradford’s intangibles and ability to lead. He said that nothing would sink Bradford, just as nothing sank Faulk. They both simply get it.

If you’re anything like me, I love hearing what such prominent figures in the NFL, both past and present, think about Bradford. It seems as though any conversation about #8 ends up with his ability to lead and his understanding of playing quarterback in the NFL. This does nothing but get me more excited for the upcoming season.

Will Sam be like Marshall when it’s all said and done? Well, Marshall has a ring, an MVP, and will soon be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

I’ll take that.

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