We Want Football -My Thought



Thanks Justin for informing us about the Rams vs. Bears game is canceled.  That doesn’t mean the lockout will damage even more, because we all knew this was going to happen. None of the players were ready enough for a game. Especially a primetime game when you are pressured the most and don’t want to do anything stupid. Not to change subjects but did Marshall get cursed? (Madden Curse) I know that it’s very pointless to some of you but it happens every year. It happens early in August and late July during camps. Hope they do something worth a football game; never mind they can’t.

Most of you were watching the Draft and the fans there made a great motto. “We Want Football”. Glad this country has freedom of speech; if we didn’t the whole place would be hushed. Yeah but that’s what I call this era of the lockout. Why didn’t free agency begin? They weren’t under NFL contracts or anything. So we could’ve been had that going and now that’s going to be hard for FA’s to adjust to new teams. None of them even thought of saying anything, Ochocinco was the only one doing anything during the lockout. They can do whatever they want and say what they want. Like James Harrison saying what he had to say about Goodell. Guess what? No fines this time. This lockout to me was to gain attention. After the Super Bowl everyone goes to basketball and not even think about football as much. They had plenty of time to negotiate the deal and not argue about a billion dollars they may not even get. Players “YOU WILL NEVER BE AS RICH AS A NFL OWNER!!” Just get a deal done and let’s play some football. Well they are saying that now but should’ve said it months ago. The whole month of June was wasted, we could be posting that a free agent came to St. Louis or something. That’s all I have to say about the lockout because I never really posted about it. So get ready for some football in almost 3 weeks.

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