Free Agent Next Year

Larry Fitzgerald is under his last year in his contract. What does that mean? He might resign or be traded. Because we all know that the Cardinals isn’t going to release him. Unless Larry doesn’t wants to stay with the Cardinals. That’s the problem, if the Cardinals don’t do anything good he might want to leave. For a better team or an elite quarterback.  Which the Rams do have and we are a better team. What I am trying to bring up is that, will there no more Fitzgerald in the west next year? Unless the Rams try to take him and he will back in the West. I doubt that the Cardinals will let him go. But, look at Nnmadi Asomugha he was one of the top corners now he is a free agent. Could the Rams do this next year? Grab Fitzgerald. I don’t know but things can happen. Like Emmit Smith going to Arizona and Kurt Warner being traded away to New York. I do have Pros and Cons though.

Cons: We have too many wide receivers and don’t want to let some go. Then Donnie Avery will have to play slot. Denario Alexander will have less playing time. Basically not about him but the team issues if he comes.

Pros: It is Larry Fitzgerald!! Very successful in the redzone, can take pressure off Danny and Mark , makes big plays , and is there when you need to go deep.

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