Plax Interested In St. Louis Rams

I did an article the other day on Plaxico Burress and what he’s looking for in a team, and I made the connection to the Rams based on his answers. Well, there’s no more need for speculation on how Plax feels about St. Louis after his revealing interview with Adam Schein of Fox Sports. Schein asked Plax about the Rams during the interview, and he had plenty of good things to say. I’m going to put the whole quote on here even though it’s pretty long, because I think everything he had to say is pretty important.

“I mean, it is very appealing. I got to watch Sam Bradford just a little bit from afar, and from what I’ve seen he has all the tools to be the next elite quarterback in this league. I know how difficult that position is to play, and I know how many high draft picks come into that position and fail. But it seems like he is on the right track, he is surrounded by Spags (head coach Steve Spagnuolo), being in a great offense, having a guy like Steven Jackson behind him, who I believe is one of the top few running backs in all of football. I mean, he has been consistent ever since I can remember, and to just go to a place that refreshing, and to be with a guy that I know, who I know knows me as a person, knows me as a player and knows how much I like to compete and how much I like to win, I mean, it is a great situation. I have a lot of respect for coach Spagnuolo. We had a great relationship. When he was in New York, and I was playing on offense, and he was calling the plays, and I was always asking coach: ‘What do you got for me today?,’ just always trying to pick his brain and to see his defenses. He is a great football mind, he has surrounded himself with a great staff and he is getting all the right guys around that situation. And like I say, it is appealing, but we’ll see what all happens.”

It sounds like the ball is in the Rams court now, because Plax just said all the right things when it comes to this team. Let me reiterate that I don’t want the Rams to blindly into bringing this guy in, but if he really is more mature and he has the physical skills, I’m 100% on board. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … I think there’s a chance, if everything went perfectly, that he could be the missing piece of the puzzle.

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