Get Ya Free Agency Popcorn Ready

I think I’m very football hyper this week, a lot of us are. One person is tired though and that is Jason La Canfora. Who is reported all free agent signings this year. Which all the players that the Rams have interest in, they’re not even trying to get. Like Reggie Bush is going to Miami. That was shocker and Cofield to the Redskins. Now the Rams should look at the WR position that we need. They should get Plaxico that’s who they will need the most. Also Braylon Edwards he should come too unless the J-O-K-E-S (Jets) resign him. That goes down to T.O and Randy. Wait? The two best all time receivers in this free agency class? Yep and the only problem that people look at is age. They both have matured a lot so there aren’t any locker room problems. Have you heard anything about T.O last season? (Not counting the Ocho thing because Ocho started it. Also Sidney Rice is coming to the west. Not to the Rams. When I read that I got a little mad at the Rams. Now I hope those linebackers breaks that hip even more. Because he went the team that beat us before we could head to the playoffs. Back to T.O.  T.O has interest in the Rams and Patriots. Before the season ended he said “I would happy to catch passes from a talented rookie” That made me happy a lot. Because my family was T.O fans and coming to the Rams would make us happier. Which I hope Davaney open his mind and gets a veteran receiver .Not just keep drafting rookies. A young team needs a veteran leader. Jackson is a good leader but not a leader to win games. Like when MF28 came to the Rams he showed us how to win and that was our need back then. The backup running back situation is another thing. Are they even talking to Darren Sproles? As I said earlier are they even trying? Don’t look like it. Well they are trying to get a DT which I do see we need and trying to resign Mark Clayton. Oh that’s what they’re doing. Still we will need a receiver. Release all the players who weren’t as good last year. You have to let go of some things. Robinson and Gibson may have to go. Well that’s all for right now.

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