Free Agency Grades: St. Louis Rams

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The second tier of signings on my list include Quintin Mikell and Justin Bannan. Mikell was awfully close to being in the top group, but he is getting a little older and probably isn’t the quite player he once was. I still really like him on this team, and he fills another huge hole at safety. I’m not saying he doesn’t have it anymore, but I am saying he’s a step slower than he was. Bannan is a little under-the-radar, but he’s another guy I really like. He’s solid, he works hard, and he does his job.

The third and final group includes Dan Muir, Al Harris and Zac Diles. This isn’t that I don’t like any of these players, but I don’t think they will make as big an impact as the players listed above. All of these guys will play a role on the defensive side, whether it be as a starter or in rotation, and if we are going to have a successful season we will need all of these guys listed.

So, what is the overall grade? I’d like to go high on this, but the lack of a running back in free agency has to factor in. I reserve the right to change this if and when the team brings in a running back, but for now I have to go with a B. The moves were good, they filled needs, but they didn’t address RB and didn’t really make any major, big-name signings. I didn’t expect any of the big names to be here, and overall I really like the guys we brought in.

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