Is anyone ever going to man-up for the Rams?

Hello? Earth to the Rams? Is anyone there? Steve? Sam? Josh? Steven? Stan? Billy? Does anyone give a crap that the Rams are becoming, once again, the laughing stock of the NFL? Please tell me it’s more than just collecting a paycheck and going home? Is there any pride at all? Perhaps you should all watch A Football Life with Bill Belichick and take some from friggin notes on how you should be planning, acting, playing, and coaching. It was an absolutely pathetic performance on MNF in front of the nation. Penalties, dropped passes, bad coaching, dropped punts, etc. It’s obvious we have a star QB and there is NO ONE else around him that can handle the pressure of any football game, much less one on MNF or heaven forbid a playoff appearance. Are we ever going to get some receivers that can catch the ball and make some big plays? And why in the hell are you letting someone catch all the punts in the preseason that you knew you were probably going to cut (Gilyard) and then put someone new in once the real games start? (Pettis) Did Pettis catch one of the higher-ups in bed with someone? Does he have a rich Uncle? Why in the world is this guy still on this team? Oh and then we finally see Alexander stepping it up a bit, but we stop throwing to him. Did I see a ball bounce off the helmet of Kendricks? Is he choking or is he just awesome at practice and horrid in the games? Our secondary is driving me nuts. Could one of them please just ONCE watch the eyes of the receiver, turn around, and make an interception? Dahl looked like a high school player Monday night. Are our coaches WAY over their head? Should Spagnuolo for once maybe get pissed and show a little fire? His mister nice guy thang is starting to get very old. We don’t give a s&%t that he is a good guy, we need him to start winning football games in St. Louis immediately. Someone please step forward and start demanding more from this team. My God it’s not brain science people. Everyone is talented in the NFL; its about determination, passion, and wanting it. Do we want it at all? Or is it just Rams fans who posess the fire and passion? Follow me on Twitter @DarrynOTL and tell me I am wrong.

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