Yes the combine is a joke

Why The Combine is a joke

The NFL is so full of crap sometimes it’s laughable. The combine is a perfect example of this, they are going to spend the better part of two weeks looking at players they have been watching for two sometimes even three years. The players have already preformed on a football field and recently they have walked a cat walk with nothing on but their underwear (I kid you not it was on NFL Network) to see their physique. They have performed a skills gauntlet and will lift weights if they hadn’t done so already. All of this will determine if they can play in the NFL………Really? I mean REALLY?!!!!!


    Okay, to me, this is why the NFL has decreased in talent since the 1980′s even the 1990′s. Did Eric Dickerson have a combine? Did Walter Pyaton have a combine? Did Emmit Smith have a combine? Did the greatest quarterback of all time Joe Montana have a combine? No, why do we waste time here? Look at my Rams for the last five years or so; we have hit on maybe one draft pick in the first round. James Lauranitus was a second round pick. Did anyone watch him play in college? He was by far the best linebacker in the NCAA. Thankfully he slipped to us that year.
        Peyton Manning was in no need of a combine, yet let us not forget the number two pick that year was Ryan Leaf, and the so called experts like Mel Kiper, Jr. said he was such a talent and his combine elevated him to a higher level. Really? The combine is a joke, far too many players like London Fletcher (MLB), Tim Hightower (RB), slip through the cracks and the beat goes on. The combine is a failed system for two simple reasons. One, the NFL did not have this system as late as the 1990′s. Second it has missed far too many players and elevated far too many untalented players to the point of nausea. Players like Ryan Laaf, Tim Coach, Akili Smith, Roy Williams, WR Carlos Rodgers, WR Donnie Avery, and OT Alex Barron just to mention a few.
      The NFL should stick to what works: watching film and assessing talent based on what they see on the field and through the course of their interviews. Trust your scouts a little more because thats why they pay them, isnt it? The combine has proven to be a total failure yet, they keep using it. Rams you need to draft either Kirkpatrick, or Upshaw out of Alabama, look at the film they are the most talented players at the position. You need forget the combine!
A Rams fan since 1983,
Anthony Manna

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  • BleedinBlueBlog

    At first I didn’t quite get the point but I agree with you. How do you feel about individual pro days?

  • jjjjjj

    I will start off by saying this will be long reply. I somewhat agree with your post the combine is useless in many ways, not all the time off the field workouts will transfer to on the field success. However like you said that is what the scouts are for and in no way do workout warriors only pefrorm well off the field. These athletes that shine at the combine also shine on the field. When has a player been drafted in the first round purely because they can work out. the NFL combine is a way for scouts to lookat what they saw on tape and apply it, if a guy looks fast on the field but runs a 4.8 forty they know they need to do more of their hw. Also, the combine is not just about the orkouts, their is also the interview process, and medical screenings to go through. yes this can be done privately but if all the athletes are in one area then it is much more efficient. The combine and all its fame puts these kids on their toes. These kids are stressed out and are performing under pressure just ike they will under the NFL spotlight. My final reply back will be that none of the players you mentioned had an opportunity to be at the combine besides emmit smith, who would have been drafted farther down if the had gone to a combine but who is to say a running back that was faster or stronger would not have done better, that line was amazing. I am in no way knocking emitt but the point is the combine wasnt around during the times of those players.

  • amanna2009

       JJ let me start off as saying this I agree the combine from a interview stand point and even in case of the wonder lick test are all great and good for the game. The forty time and all the testing is just not effeicent enough. Darral green ran a 4.3 40. He was clocked with 4.19 game speed that’s a big discrpentcy. I understand your point with Emmit Smith that is a valid point (could you imagine Barry Sanders with that line wow) but, it proves my point. We had better players back then far more talented then today. yet as I discussed there was no combine, which is why I feel it is a waste of time from an evaluation stand point. It’s creation was to ensure teams would draft the best talent, that has no happened the best talent was prior to the combine which is the best argument anyone can make.

  • amanna2009

       I apreciate you sticking it through, I tend to ramble on, Individual pro days I am a fan of for two reasons, one it gives you a chance to see the player in person and talk with them after the combine. Secondly It shows how hard they have been working since the combine, if they have improved and most importantly how they took what little coaching one gave them. So I do think pro days are very good.